Tiger Woods PGA Tour – addictive golf on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Last week i took the step and downloaded the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Although i am usually careful about buying apps that i have not tested first, i trusted EA to bring a good level golf game that is worthy of carying Tiger Woods endorsement, and i needed something new to play on the train from Leeds to London.

After a few practice rounds getting used to the functionality of the game i started really getting into this game. One of the things i really enjoy about Tiger Woods PGA Tour is that EA has taken the time to do things right, to create a golf game for the golf enthusiast, that delivers good quality animations, great commentary, and challenging real rounds of golf on some of the most famous golf courses in the world, including St Andrews and Pebble Beach, giving you a chance to battle against the top names in the game of golf, including Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour app for iPhone and iPod Touch

Tiger Woods PGA Tour allows you to either play as your favourite golfer or to create your own player to challenge the big names in golf playing some full rounds of PGA golf. The controls on the course gives you challenges in terms of picking the right clubs, considering wind conditions, dealing with the rough and sand, and hitting the ball straight with enough power. The game uses a sliding scale for controlling the power and direction of your shots, allowing you to fade and draw the ball with the draw of a finger, as well as controlling the spin of the ball in flight to give you the best lie possible on the fairways or the green.

Personally i really enjoy the Tiger Woods PGA Tour experience that EA has created for the iPod Touch and the iPhone, as quality wise it far surpasses many of the other games in the same price class at £5.99 – not a bad price for a quality game considering what you would pay for it on other gaming platforms.

What i really look forward to with this game is the possibilities of enhancing it with the new iPhone OS 3.0, especially in terms of making it more social and opening up for additional stages and courses to play as you progress. There is  great opportunity here for EA to further develop the game to become more interactive, giving you the opportunity to challenge friends, share your scores with the rest of the community, and getting access to additional information.

Now there is just enough time for me to get one round of golf in before bedtime.


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2 Responses to "Tiger Woods PGA Tour – addictive golf on the iPhone and iPod Touch"

  1. Well since I am a golfer and an iphone owner, I better get with the program and download this game right? Seems very fun. I will let you know what I think.

  2. Tiger has gone through alot this year and of course he will stumble when it comes to his concentration. Give it a couple months and if anyone can make a comeback, he would be the first choice. This guy is the most gifted golfer in the entire galaxy and i’m confident the true sports fans can’t wait to see him get back to his dominance.

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