A miniature mic for the iPod – Thumbtack from Switcheasy

iPod accessory manufacturer Switcheasy are better known for their cases and protective gear for the iPod, but their latest accessory is potentially a very interesting one, as they have produced a tiny little iPod microphone for use with most iPod’s that can deal with voice recording (iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch).

Switcheasy Thumbtack mic for iPod

The ThumbTacks lives up to its name both in size and shape, and i can’t wait to test how it actually works and the quality of sound recorded from the mic. The microphone plugs directly into the iPod’s headphone jack. Sound can then be recorded through the iPod’s built in voice recording (iPod Nano) or through a third party voice recording application (iPod Touch). When connected to the headphone jack, the ThumbTack only protrudes half an inch from the iPod, which is second best to actually having a built in mic.

I have not yet been able to find the Switcheasy ThumbTack mic for sale in the UK, so if anyone know where it can be bought feel free to leave a reply to this post. You can also find out more at the Switcheasy website here.


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  1. Frans says:

    Mac’s in fashion product will eventually gain some steam after this initial push time during it’s launch. The lack of keyboard and Job’s potential to fix defections will help to make the iPad a success in the futuire.

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