Three iPhone 4 tariffs and prices announced

And then one more network has joined the iPhone 4 race as Three is the latest network to announce their iPhone 4 prices and tariffs, and they have done it on the day that the queues where mile long outside mobile phone stores around the country.

If you are happy with signing a 24 month contract, which is what Three is offering on the iPhone 4, you can get the 16gb iPhone 4 on a £30 a month contract for £99. This contract will give you 500 minutes, 5000 texts, and 1gb of data allowance a month. This makes Three the best 24 month option for the iPhone 4 16gb in the country so far, both in terms of overall cost over the contract period, value in terms of minutes and data, and lowest price for the handset up front at a £30 a month contract. Not bad at all from Three.

It is the same story for the 32gb iPhone 4 as well, with Three offering the lowest upfront cost at a £30 a month contract, as well as the lowest overall price based on 500+ minutes and 1gb of data allowance. You can find a full price breakdown in our iPhone 4 buyers guide.

Three iPhone 4 prices and tariffs


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