thingCHARGER is all the charger you need

I love design and products that are simplistic and ultra functional, and the thingCharger has the potential to fall into just that category as it helps to solve a common problem in many homes, and does so in a very stylish and simplistic way.


Most of us, either as individuals or families, own a range of smartphones, tablets etc. that all rely on charging on a near daily basis to function. And whilst Apple would love for us all to use their products, most of us are across different suppliers, technology, and charging solutions. The result is a myriad of charger plugs, wires etc. This is where thingCHARGER comes into the picture, allowing for simple charging of a vast variety of devices. Plus it is modular, so can easily accomodate charging multiple devices at once without requiring several outlets, charging plugs, and wires.

thingCHARGER is basically a square plug that connects to your wall socket, just like any other plug. Where it is different is that it features interchangeable adapters at the top, allowing you to dock and charge most smartphones and tablets out there. There is even dual USB sockets at the bottom, allowing you to connect additional devices for charging at the same time. Its is elegant in its simplicity. Did I mention that it is also modular? You can add another thingCHARGER on top of the other, and voila! you can dock and charge two devices at once, such as an iPhone and iPad.

According to their website, the thingCHARGER is currently available to pre-order from $29.99 with estimated shipment date Winter/Spring 2014.

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