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In the last week or so the news have been all about the American dolphin, better know as Michael Phelps, that has been dominating the swimming pool in Beijing on his way towards a record 8 gold medals (as i am writing this 6 golds are in the bag). The other story that has been swimming around the web is what is on Michael Phelps iPod?

According to ZDNet.com exactly what he is listening to when motivating himself towards another gold medal is not quite clear, but they are reporting on some of what he has been listening to pre-race before. Here is a selection of that playlist:

  1. I’m me -Lil Wayne
  2. Till I collapse – Eminem (makes sense)
  3. The inspiration – Young Jeezy
  4. Overnight celebrity – Twista
  5. Roses – Outkast

Can see how some of these songs can get him pumped up and ready to jump in for another world record and a gold medal, as there is plenty of bling on these artists as well!

We will try and come back with other Olympic winning iPod playlists as well. Meanwhile you might want to check out this presidental iPod playlist.

Alternatively you can buy your own iPod and start training for the 2012 London Olympics yourself by having a look at our best price iPod table.


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