The weirdest ipod accessories list

While surfing the net i came accross a list of the weirdest ipod accessories made by IpodLegends.com. This list shows creativity, quirkiness and that some people might have a extremely close relationship with their ipod!

Here are a few of the weirdest ipod accessories from the list:

The ipod bed – Compatible with most ipod’s and can be delievered with a Bose soundsystem built in! Be prepared to shell out over £2,000 though.

The iTable – This over the top table is shaped like a concert piano and has a piano lid that opens up to reveal the speakers. The price tag on this one is hair raising to put it mildly at £7,000!

The iBelieve Lanyard – If you are christian and proud then you might want to get this one, an ipod shuffle shaped as a cross hanging around your neck.

The iLog – Obviously a product of too much free time and craftmanship, the iLog is basically an ipod docking station built into a log with speakers at the end. If you can find it in the UK the price would probably be around £300. or perhaps you can just build one yourself!

And the winner is….

The OhMiBod Vibrator – This is not a joke as it is an ipod activated electric vibrator for women. It vibrates according to the music on your ipod and the louder the volume the more it vibrates.

As we can see there are quite a few creative and weird people out there trying to make a bit of business off ipod accessories. If you have any other weird ipod accessories to share then leave a comment on this post and we will consider it for the next list.


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