The Vamp sets out to teach old speakers a new trick

The Vamp turns any speaker into a wireless speaker

While we are spoilt for choice, good or bad, when it comes to wireless speakers these days, not all of them provide you with good value for money or fits within your budget. The Vamp has set out to do something different, by turning your old speaker into a modern portable Bluetooth speaker without emptying your wallet.

The Vamp turns any speaker into a wireless speaker

The concept of The Vamp is fairly simple. By providing a small, and might I say cool gadget that connects to any passive speaker, providing both an amp and Bluetooth audio streaming. Talk about teaching an old pony new tricks. While there are other options that can do similar things out there, none of them comes in one tiny package like The Vamp, or at least not that I have come across.

Many have written about the often lack of audio quality of the compact speaker docks and wireless speakers available in the market today, especially in the budget end of the market, and how they fall way short compared to traditional speakers. The Vamp is hoping to provide a solution for that by allowing you to use those traditional speakers, but giving them a new lease on life so to speak by adding a rechargeable gadget that both amplifies and makes them wireless. Because that is exactly what The Vamp does. This little cube simply connects to your speaker using one of the included cables, powers the speaker with 4W of amp power output, and allows you to stream your music to the speaker through any compatible Bluetooth device.

On the negative side, 4W of peak power output might not sound like much, considering that many of the speakers out there are more used to being connected to more powerful amplifiers and systems. Their own tests seem to come out well though compared to many more expensive compact Bluetooth speakers out there. The other issue is that we are dealing with mono sound, combining left and right for a single output. So no stereo sound. Will this change in the future? It remains to be seen, but at the moment they say the limitations of Bluetooth technology makes it too expensive.

Price & availability

The Vamp is currently available to pre-order from Paul Cocksedge Shop in red, black, or white for £49.99 (£41.66 ex VAT). Expected shipping date is January 2014.

[Source: Kickstarter via ApartmentTherapy]


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