The ultimate iPod backpacker holiday package

Whether you have just finished University, taking a break from work, or simply feel like a backpacker holiday, the iPod is a key ingredient to any successful trip. Therefore it is also important to have the necessary iPod accessories available to keep your iPodo safe and to ensure that the music does not stop.

We have put together what we feel are essential iPod accessories for the journey.

  • Of course it all starts with the iPod itself if you don’t own one already. You can check out our best price iPod tables to ensure you don’t pay more than you have to. What you save might just be enough to afford a good night sleep in a comfy bed for a night.
  • Imagine being in the middle of the jungle or dessert and run out of power on your iPod, or perhaps being stuck in a youth shelter somewhere without electricity to charge your iPod. The solution is a Solio Universal Solar Charger for £54 from Amazon UK. This little beauty comes with high efficiency solar panels and battery that you can charge from both the sun or a wall socket, plus it is carbon neutral.
  • In addition to the above iPod Sleeve you will also need something to protect your iPod while walking in the rain or crossing a river. Our recommended product is a very cheap, simple, but genius little Coolock Travel Protection Bag available for £5.25. This little beauty is both waterproof and sand proof, in case caught in a sandstorm.
  •  In case you have room in your backpack for a portable speaker, we recommend the Angel iTube Portable Speaker. Pricepoint is affordable, style is slick, and the sound output is decent enough to keep people entertained around the camp fire on a nice evening.

This should get you and your iPod a long way, but should you be filthy rich and travel in style we recommend you to upgrade everything and bring a sherpa to carry it for you.


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