The real features of the new 3G iPhone – post launch review

I don’t think it came as a surprise to anyone when Steve Jobs yesterday for the first time showed us the new 3G iPhone, but did it meet the markets expectations as far features?In general we would say yes, as it does feature 3G technology, Microsoft exchange server compatibility, and of course access to add third party developed applications through the coming Apple application store. What perhaps was the most pleasant surprise is that Apple has realised that the price on the original iPhone was to high compared to its features.

The new 3G iPhone which will be available in 8gb and 16gb size will have an expected UK price point of £100 – £180, making it much cheaper than the current iPod model. With the lower price we should see more people lining up outside the O2 stores around the country on July 11th to secure their new 3g iPhone.

Not everything met our or the markets expectations though. The new iPhone still does not support multimedia messaging, video recording, a front facing camera, and many hoped it would be even thinner as the old iPhone is on the heavy side. Some of these are basics that we expected would be covered off on this new iPhone. As always it would have been nice to see a bit more memory in there as well, but guess Apple can’t give us the ultimate phone straight away. It is about managing the product portfolio lifecycle i guess.

At the moment i’m on the fence as to buying one or not. Let’s wait and see what O2 offers around it, and not to mention what reply comes from the other mobile providers.

Now if only Steve Jobs could fulfill my iPod Touch wishlist as well.


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