The Philips DCM230 ipod dock entertainment system review

As part of our series of ipod docking station and sound system reviews we have today had a closer look at the Philips DCM230 ipod dock entertainment system.

Philips DCM230 ipod dockThe Philips DCM230 is not a stand along ipod docking station system, but also features a cd player and digital radio tuner, giving it that extra bang for the bucks so to speak. The exterior follows the style of many other ipod stereo systems, not as revolutionary design as say the B&W Zeppelin speaker dock, but still a nice design that will ensure it does not become the ugly neighbour in your home.

The ipod dock supports the ipod nano, ipod classic and ipod video, but what it is lacking is the functionality of connecting it to the tv to allow you to watch videos from your ipod. The remote control is very functional and stylish, and you need it to operate all the different functions available on the system.

Performance wise the system delivers through two 15w speakers and dynamic bass boost. At low volume this works really well, but at higher volumes the dynamic bass boost can become a bit overpowering, and if you turn it off you loose some of the low end power.

Overall we give this system a Republic Rating of 6/10. It delivers good and stylish performance for its purpose, and good value for money considering its purpose is not to be a high end stereo system, but rather a quality everyday system that delivers plenty of functionality.

The Philips DCM230 ipod dock entertainment system is available from Amazon UK for £134.99.


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