The official new iPod Nano and other news from the iPod conference

With the Apple iPod conference under way in San Francisco the official news from the event is starting to circulate around the internet, including the official launch of the new 4th generation iPod Nano and the upgrades to iTunes to include new function to create playlists and a bit of a touch up on design and usability.

One of the big news we have all been waiting on after a lot of rumors is the launch of the 4th generation iPod Nano, which now is officially back to the taller design with a significant larger screen for watching widescreen when tilted to the side. It is also the thinnest iPod to date, and comes with a few other nice functions as well, including playing random songs when you shake it, and the possibility of creating entire playlists based on one song.

4th generation iPod Nano (source: iLounge.com)

The new iPod Nano will get 24 hour playtime for music and 4 hours for video, and an upgrade to 8gb and 16gb memory. The new iPod Nano will also be available in 8 different colors.

For those of us that was looking forward to something new for the iPod Touch it might have been a slight dissappointment as there was no news on an upgrade in memory for the 2nd generation iPod Touch. Instead we are getting a slighly thinner iPod Touch, with a separate volume button and a built in speaker. It also comes with built in Nike+ functionality for those wanting to monitor their running, and an upgrade of the software.

We will come back with more news and analysis as more information comes out about the new iPods and iTunes.

iPod Nano 4G here today!


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