The new 3G iPhone has been jailbroken

We are sure this comes to no surprise to anyone, but eight days after the official launch of the 3G iPhone, the so called “iPhone Dev-Team“, an international team of developers, have been able to jailbreak it.

New 3G iPhone has been jailbrokenThe 3G iPhone has been “pwned”, which is hacker jargon for compromised or controlled, signifying that the team has been able to take control of all or parts of the iPhone. According to article on CNN Money blog, the new jailbreak dubbed Pwnage 2.0 does not actually allow youto use the iPhone of any other network, but only makes it possible to run non-Apple authorised applications.

So what impact does that have for you and me? Well, given that most really good applications will be available through the Apple application store anyway the hack does not necessarily provide great value for iPhone owners. It is probably just a matter of days before the team is able to jailbreak it for mobile networks as well, but even there Apple and its partners have taken measures, locking owners into long term expensive contracts and where you will be able to buy the iPhone without contract it will cost you quite a lot, and probably more than it is worth.One also has to consider that jailbreaking the iPhone voids the warranty, so if you run into any problems you could be in serious trouble.

For now it might be safest to buy the iPhone through O2, and to download iPhone applications through the Application Store. But if you wish to test the jailbreak you can download the Pwnage 2.0 here.


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