The iPod turns 7 – Happy birthday!

We here at iPodRepublic are joining the millions of others around the world in congratulating the iPod on its 7th birthday – what would our lives have been like without you.

It is today seven years ago that Apple and Steve Jobs introduced the world to the first ever iPod, the original 5gb iPod that would go on to change the world of music and mobile entertainment forever. Now that is not a bad resume for a 7 year old!

The original iPod as per 2001The original iPod came with a 5gb hard drive and introduced the world to the first scrolling wheel and unique interface of an mp3 player. The first iPod sold 125,000 units in its first short year, as it was officially launched on the 10th November 2001.

Since then Apple has sold over  170 million iPod’s worldwide. I remember well my first iPod, a few years after the launch of the first one, i bought my first iPod which was the original iPod mini, later followed by other iPod models, with the latest one being the brand new 32gb iPod Touch 2g.

We are looking forward to see what the iPod might look like when it turns 10, in the meantime it is never to late to join in the celebration and buy your own iPod right here.

Happy birthday iPod – may you live a long life!


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