The iPod Nano according to Kevin Rose

Digg’s Kevin Rose has been out and about again, and this time it is the much rumored next generation iPod Nano that is to topic, as he reveals what it might look like when it supposedly hits stores later this year (source: Engadget).

The new iPod Nano according to Kevin RoseMany might ask why we should believe him this time after he was way of the mark with his predictions for the first iPhone. Well, this time he supports it with some photo evidence that is backed up by lots of other rumors about what the next generation iPod Nano will look like. We have earlier made our own predictions about what the next generation iPod Nano might look like, but guess we might be wrong this time. Perhaps our prediction is a bit more futuristic. We would however be interested in hearing your opinion on which one you would prefer.

The same Kevin Rose also supports other rumors in the market about price cuts on iPod Touch and iPod Classic coming sometime this year as well, as Apple is preparing a revamp of the entire iPod range.

Looks like it will be more interesting times ahead, although we hope that there will be some subtance in the form of actual release from Apple soon and not just more rumors.


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