The ipod goes into space

According to Mac.Blorge.com there has been an Apple ipod in space on one of the NASA shuttles recently.

An image from the latest shuttle trip clearly shows an ipod resting in the cockpit of the shuttle, so now we know what the preferred mp3 player for the astronauts seem to be.

It is however amazing how an ipod would survive the spacetrip, so it makes me wonder if NASA gets some special privileges from Apple as far as special edition ipod’s. It is also a bit scary that there is an ipod on the space shuttle considering the recent reports about ipod’s going bust.

If you want to join the astronauts choice of mp3 player, then our ipod price comparison will help you find the best offers on a range of ipod’s. As far as space travel though, i am afraid you will have to talk to NASA.


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