The iPod Blazer that is causing Head Teachers headache

According to The Telegraph today Marks and Spencer have created something that could cause a few head teachers around the country some headache. Their new school blazer comes packed with a secret iPod pocket and control pad built into the lining.

As much as we hate the idea of wearing a school uniform or a blazer to School, this could be a big hit with the school children that owns an iPod, what we can imagine to be a very significant market in the UK.

Marks and Spencer School uniform blazer with ipod pocketThe ‘iPod Blazer’ as it has been baptized by news sources, is not a welcomed item by educational leaders around the country that are already struggling to keep the attention of the pupils as it is. However as a piece of clothing is has more great features than just a hidden iPod pocket. The blazer that comes in both boys and girls version sizes 10-16 years is made out of fabric from recycled platic bottles, so at least it is very eco-friendly.

If you want to buy the iPod Blazer it is available from Marks and Spencer for £25 to £30.

As for iPod clothing, you might also want to check out the O’Neill iPod jacket and the iBlaze iPod bag.


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