The iPhone Nano to be launched in time for Christmas

While browsing through the morning news today I came across this article from the Mail Online announcing that the so called iPhone Nano will be launched in time for Christmas.

According to their reliable source the new and smaller version of the iPhone, which by many has been referred to as the iPhone Nano, will be targeting the Pay As You Go (PAYG) market and will in the UK retail at about £150 and expected to be a huge hit under the Christmas tree this year. Again it will be O2 that will have the right to sell the slimmed down version of the iPhone.

Industry experts believe that the iPhone Nano would outsell even the new 3G iPhone that saw over a million iPhones sold in first weekend of sales. It is expected to have a shape similar to the 2nd generation iPod Nano, or similar to the latest rumours of what the 4th generation iPod Nano will look like. It is also expected that the iPhone Nano might have the touchscreen on the back and the screen on the front, but nothing is confirmed yet.

However if you can afford to get the original 3g iPhone it will most certainly have lots more functionality, and you can buy the 3G iPhone from O2 here in the UK.

Update! There probably won’t be an iPhone Nano before Christmas, but there will be a PAYG iPhone offer from O2.

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3 Responses to "The iPhone Nano to be launched in time for Christmas"

  1. Well every blog owner deserve a little admiration. Nice post, grazie.

  2. JJ Smithson says:

    I was happy when I first read this as I thought I still may be able to walk into an orange store on launch day and pick up a pay as you go iphone 4 but O2 have now said that they will not be offering the pay as you go version on launch day so that throws that hope into doubt :/ This also makes me wonder whether the white version will be available on launch day why cant apple just keep customers well informed???

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