App of the Week: The Heist dethroning Angry Birds

Angry Birds have dominated the Paid Apps topseller list on the App Store for as long as we can remember, but now they seem to have ran into a serious competitor; The Heist.

The Heist app

The Heist have according to reports been able to sell over 100,000 downloads of the game in the first two days, with day two sales reported to hit one download per second.

Sure there has been challengers before that might have been able to steal the spotlight for a day, but Angry Birds have always bounced back, and grown through clever updating and marketing, such as aligning themselves with the movie Rio. So who is this The Heist coming in an disrupting the status quo.

The Heist is a puzzle game where the object is to crack enough puzzles to open up the vault and reveal the valuable prize inside it, which they promise is worth a lot more than the entry price of £0.59 ($0.99). The Heist website set up for the game and all the promotions are very Mission Impossible inspired, and for the first 10 days (still a few days left) you can tweet a message to be in for a chance to win a limited edition iPad 2.

Behind The Heist you will find none other than the people over at MacHeist, better known for delivering you the best Mac software bundles around. They have cleverly used their position in the Mac market and their large community following to drop hints at the coming game in amongst other the Twitter app for Mac which was part of one of their bundles.

Having checked the paid app topseller list for the UK this morning it looks like The Heist is still maintaining momentum at the top of the list.

You can download The Heist from the App Store here.

The Heist app screenshots

[source: TechCrunch]


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