The death of the iPod declaration – long live the iPod!

After Apple iPod co-founder Steve Wozniak declared the death of the iPod the online world of news and blogging has been filled with stories and opinions about the death of the iPod. However one can argue that the iPod will never die.

As with many other products, technology always evolves and improves with time, and the iPod’s we see today are very different from the original ones. Take the iPod Touch for example, which like the iPhone has more similarities with a small portable mini computer than just an mp3 player. The iPod as a pure mp3 player might be dying, or actually, died a long time ago, but the iPod as a gadget still have many prosperous years ahead.

What also usually happens when one see too much convergence in the marketplace, new technology comes into play and creates opportunities for divergence, for differentiating oneselves, therefore one can also argue that the single-function device, like the original iPod, will still have its place in the marketplace.

So we might see that the iPod as an mp3 player will continue to be a cash cow for Apple for many years to come, allowing them to spend more money in developing the multi functionality of their rising stars like the iPod Touch and the iPhone, as well as developing the products of tomorrow. That is what we call having a balanced product portfolio.

So we say – long live the iPod!


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