The Apple Applicaton Store is officially opened

Besides the new 3G iPhone itself the new application store from Apple has been the most talked about event online with the Apple community for a long time now. Yesterday the Apple application store was officially made available together with lots of great applications for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Screenshot of new Apple application storeThe Apple Application Store currently features over 500 new applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch with about 25% of them free and 90% costing less than £5 ($9.99). Besides featuring a lot of new games for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the applications range from educational programs, mobile commerce applications, to business productivity applications.

A few of the applications available are:

  • Twitterific – a must have for all Twitter fans out there
  • Remote – the application that turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into a remote control
  • Urbanspoon – Find great restaurants in your area by help of GPS
  • Vicinity – Uses the GPS to give you instant information about the area you are in

The Apple application Store is available for download for free for all original iPhone owners, while iPod Touch owners will have to pay £5 ($9.99) to get access to it, allthough there are reports that in the UK some iPod Touch owners have been able to access and use the App Store without paying for it. It also requires that you download the latest iTunes 7.7. The new iTunes version also support the new remote application which is available to download for free from the application store.

We are sure that there will be a lot more applications made available in the Application Store over the coming weeks. So if you have not already bought your iPhone or iPod Touch, then you can check prices and buy 3g iPhone here, and see best price on iPod Touch 2G here. This is for UK only.


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