Testing of Apple iPad HD displays from Samsung and LG [rumor]

We have earlier reported on Apple looking at potentially using Samsung or LG to provide HD displays for future generation Apple iPads, two of the worlds largest manufacturers of LCD displays, and now sources are indicating that Apple are testing HD iPad displays from both of them.

HD displays for future iPads

It is The Korea Times that are reporting that Apple is currently testing displays from the two suppliers for potential use in future iPads. Their sources say that that Samsung and LG had to submit the high quality screens for quality testing at one of Apple’s laboratories in China, and that testing should be completed in about a months time.

With the much rumored iPad 3 potentially featuring quad-extended graphics (QXGA) and high-definition resolution at 2048 x 1536 pixels both Samsung and LG have been logical partners to work with, given that both are able to produce these types of screens already for tablet solutions. It is also believed that they are further increasing the pixel density of their screens to accommodate for the Apple Retina quality, although it is still uncertain whether or not the same pixel density of 326 PPI found in the current iPhone 4 screen can be duplicated for the iPad, where the rumor at the moment is around 280 PPI.

It is however interesting that Apple is considering taking screen technology from Samsung, a company they are currently locked in legal battles with, and that could be a key competitor in terms of both smartphones and tablets as they continue to develop some of the better Android solutions in the market. I Guess they can both put their differences aside when there is that much potential money on the table to be a leading provider of screen technology to the absolute tablet market leader.

Hopefully there will be more information available soon about future iPad 3 and its screen technology.

[source: The Korea Times via TheNextWeb]


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