Tesco Mobile attacks other networks with iPhone 4 prices and tariffs

Tesco Mobile iPhone 4 prices and tariffs for the UK was announced today, and the supermarket giant shows they mean business in iPhone market by challenging their main competitors offering 12 month contracts at very competitive rates.

It has been speculated that the new players in the iPhone market, like Tesco and Three, would wait until all the other networks had announced their prices and tariffs before releasing their own, so that they could underbid their competitors. What has likely allowed them to wait this long is also that they are likely to get stock of the iPhone 4 a few days later than the likes of O2, Vodafone, and Orange. Three for example is advising that they are likely to get stock of the iPhone 4 for Monday 28th June, while the other networks will start selling the iPhone 4 at around 8am tomorrow morning the 24th June.

Back to Tesco and their iPhone 4 prices and tariffs. Unlike any other network they are actually offering the iPhone 4 on a 12 month contract with tariffs starting at £20 a month, which includes 250 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1gb of 3g data and unlimited Wi-fi through BT Openzone. For the 16gb iPhone 4 on the £20 a month 12 month contract you would have to pay £349, and for the 32gb iPhone 4 you would have to pay £429.

Tesco iPhone 4 prices and tariffs

On our main iPhone 4 UK buyers guide page you can see a breakdown comparison of iPhone 4 prices between all networks that have announced their prices and tariffs so far, including total cost over contract period, and Tesco definitely comes out well for those that are looking to pay a bit more to start with for their iPhone 4 but not being tied in to a contract for 18 or 24 months.

For those of you that are regular Tesco shoppers it is also woth knowing that you will receive 1,000 Clubcard points when signing up for the iPhone 4, and you will receive triple points for the money spent on the monthly bill. All fo this is adding value to the Tesco Mobile iPhone 4 offer.


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