Teac SR-Luxi iPod dock and bedside table lamp


It has taken a while but finally someone has brought the idea to life; the combination of an iPod speaker dock, alarm clock, and bedside table lamp. Meet the Teac SR-Luxi iPod docking station.

Design and features

It is quite an unusual design for a speaker dock, with its squared hollowed out shape, with the dock itself sitting at the bottom part inside the square, surrounded by the walls that are housing the speakers.

Teac SR-Luxi iPod dock with alarm and night light

The colors are fairly neutral with white and grey, making it fit with both your iPhone  or iPod Touch, as well as not breaking too much with whatever else you might have in your bedroom. One can clearly see that the Teac SR-Luxi is designed to compliment your Apple gadget.

Twin drive speakers with a bass reflex port makes sure that you get a decent enough sound from what is ment to be a bedside combined night light, charging station, and alarm clock. As expected the bass is not very dominant in neither of the preset equalizer settings, so if you need loud bass filled sound in the bedroom you might have to look elsewhere.

As mentioned, what makes the Teac SR-Luxi stand out from the crowd, except for the design, is that it also doubles as a night light. The LED lamp is situated at the top of the unit, where a press of the button turns on the light, and brightness is controlled through twisting the same button. At its brightest you can easily use it as a proper reading light in bed. Another interesting feature of the light is that you can also set it to gradually increase over a set time in the morning, which apparently also helps you wake up in a more effective and pleasent way.

Of course it also features the normal alarm functions with sounds from radio or your docked iPod or iPhone. There is a snooze button that doubles as dimmer and sleep timer. The clock itself sits at the bottom of the dock, making it easy to see what the time is when you wake up.

Teac SR-Luxi overview

The Teac SR-Luxi speaker dock is not for everyone, especially not for those looking for a high quality sound in the bedroom, but if you are after a stylish multi-purpose alarm clock / bedside lamp / docking station then you might have found your match.

Price information

You can buy the Teac SR-Luxi iPod docking station with alarm and night light from amongst other the following UK retailers:

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