TEAC Aurb SR-100i power and sound

Teac Aurb SR-100i

There are few iPod speaker docks in the market today that are more stand-out than the Teac Aurb SR-100i with the exception of the B&W Zeppelin, which is also in a higher price class.

Teac Aurb SR-100i

Design, features & sound

Just like it higher-priced competitor part of the strength of the Teac Aurb SR-100i lies in its design and shape, which is different from most other systems you will find in the market today. It actually reminds me a bit about the famous sports arena “Vikingskipet” in Norway, a long-boat that is flipped over.

The lines are sleek and with the first look you get the feeling that this is definitely something more than just a standard speaker dock. The docking station itself is situated at the base of the unit, on an small arm not unlike the one found on another unique system mentioned before, but that can also be pushed into the system itself when not used. Down the middle of the front runs a black line with blue LED lighting display, which at least in my opinion looks quite cool and refined.

Unlike many other speaker docks the Aurb SR-100i also features an integrated CD player, with the CD-slot found at the top of the speaker, a nice integration. There is also FM radion integration and USB port for playing audio files from other devices.

Behind the scenes so to speak you will find 2 x 50W amplifier power with bass-reflex port, pounding sound through two 11/4-inch tweeters and two 31/2-inch woofers. First impression of the sound is good, which is also reflected in good reviews from amongst other TrustedReviews. The sound feels well-balanced with enough bass power. Having not had a chance to spend quality one-to-one time with the system yet i have not had the chance to test a variety of music and volume yet, therefore no official rating yet.

Price and availability

Based on first impression and the current price point i would say that the Teac Aurb SR-100i is among the better mid-priced speaker docks in the market and a worthy competitor to amongst other the B&W Zeppelin Mini. You can buy the system from amongst other the following UK retailers:

One of the features missing from the Aurb SR-100i was DAB radio, which is something that Teac has added in the newest Aurb model; the little brother Teac SR-80iDAB speaker dock.

Find out more about Teac speaker dock range or see our overview of some of the best iPod speaker docks of 2011 here.

* This is not a hands-on review as we have not had a chance to test this unit yet. Information in this post as based on publicly available information about the system.


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