Tannoy i30 Premium digital ipod speaker system review

Tannoy i30Tannoy is a brand with a lot of history and their studio monitors were amongst other used to produce The Beatles material under the Decca Label in the sixties. Their speaker system can also be found in some of the largest hotels in Las Vegas and in the Sydney Opera House.

The Tannoy i30 digital speaker system continues that great tradition of quality sound with its first venture into the ipod speaker system arena. The i30 features two 100mm iCT drive units and has been produced to give you the listener the ultimate in portability and sound reproduction.

We give the Tannoy i30 a Republic Rating of 7/10 with its combination of Tannoy quality sound and great design.

The Tannoy i30 is now available at Amazon UK for only £99.99, down from previous £235.28!


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  1. dfasdfa says:

    no mention of the watts?

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