Denon Envaya bluetooth aptX speaker

Denon Envaya joins the portable bluetooth speaker race with bluetooth aptX

With the Envaya portable bluetooth aptX speaker Denon has taking their audio expertise out of the home and into the portable wireless speaker market, hopefully bringing some much needed high quality audio competition to an otherwise very crowded marketplace.

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Bose Soundlink 3

Bose launches new and louder Soundlink III bluetooth speaker

The Bose Soundlink has been amongst the best portable bluetooth speakers in the market for years now, and with the new Soundlink 3 Bose are promising even better and louder audio performance from the speaker that has also received a design update.

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Philips Fidelio P9 bluetooth wireless speaker

Philips Fidelio P9 Wireless Portable Speaker Review

The Philips Fidelio P9 is still amongst the best portable wireless speakers in its category, delivering a warm and well balanced sound experience. With the deals available recently on the Fidelio P9, this is an absolute steal of a wireless speaker.

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Sony BTX500 bluetooth NFC speaker

Sony SRS-BTX500 wireless bluetooth speaker – first impression

Sony has proven with their range of iPod speaker docks in the past that they are capable of delivering quality audio at a reasonable price. With the world moving wireless these days, the new Sony SRS-BTX500 portable NFC enabled bluetooth speaker hopes to continue that audio legacy.

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Samsung DA-E670 tabletop wireless speaker

Samsung DA-E670 tabletop wireless speaker – first impression

For those on the look out or a stylish tabletop wireless speaker solution, the Samsung DA-E670 could be well worth a second look with all of its wireless streaming and docking options.

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Philips DS8400/10 Soundcurve lightning

Philips DS8400/10 SoundCurve Lightning with bluetooth and portability

The SoundCurve speaker docks from Philips are popular with Apple device owners, and now they have brought out the first SoundCurve speaker dock that is specifically for the latest iDevice models with the new Lightning Connector; Meet the Philips DS8400/10 SoundCurve Lightning.

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Loewe speaker 2go portable bluetooth speaker

Loewe Speaker 2Go review – plenty of power and style

The Loewe Speaker 2Go is aiming for the high-end of the portable bluetooth speaker market, and it is doing so in style and with a punch. The combination of quality build and a strong, well balanced sound, could mean that they are on to a winner in their sector of the market.

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Pioneer XW-SMA4 wireless speaker

Pioneer XW-SMA4 wireless speaker with AirPlay and wireless direct

The Pioneer XW-SMA4 speaker features the same look as the XW-SMA3, but there are some distinct differences between the models, such as the inclusion of a 100mm subwoofer and double the power output.

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Pioneer XW-SMA3 Airplay speaker

Pioneer XW-SMA3 wireless speaker with AirPlay & DLNA

Pioneer have truly embraced wireless streaming with their new XW-SMA3 portable speaker, packing it with not only Airplay, but also DLNA, HTC Connect, and Wireless Direct, bypassing the need for having a home network available.

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Harman Kardon new Go+Play Wireless bluetooth speaker

Harman delivers Bluetooth streaming to new Go+Play speaker

Harman Kardon has launched a new version of their Go+Play speaker, this time adding Bluetooth wireless streaming to the unit that goes under the name Go+Play Wireless. Find out more about the new speaker here.

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Panasonic SC-HC28 micro lightning dock system

Panasonic SC-HC28 Lightning speaker dock

The smallest of the new Panasonic SC-HC series, the SC-HC28 does not have wireless capabilities like the bigger models (SC-HC58 / SC-HC38), but it does come with a Lightning dock supporting iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, as well as USB connection

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Azatom Stealth-Air AirPlay speaker

Azatom Stealth Air Review – AirPlay speaker with WiFi Direct support

As a UK first we have got the information, and image, of the brand new AirPlay speaker from up and coming UK speaker brand Azatom. Meet the all new Azatom Stealth-Air.

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Bose SoundDock III

Bose goes Lightning with SoundDock Series III

Bose SoundDock III is the first Bose speaker dock especially for the iPhone 5 featuring the new Lightning connector. While it does not seem to support the latest iPad models, Bose seems to have been able to lower the price point a bit.

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Azatom iWood6 speaker dock with CD, USB and SD card reader

AZATOM iWood6 speaker dock with CD review

The Azatom iWood6 is another great home audio system from this relatively new brand on the UK market, delivering a powerful and refined audio experience at a value for money price. Read full review inside.

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Azatom iWood 4 speaker dock

Azatom iWood 4 speaker dock [review]

Azatom might not be a household speaker dock name, yet, but with the iWood 4 they are bringing a serious challenge in the mid-range speaker dock market with a combination of quality build, impressive power, and overall a good audio experience.

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Beats by Dre launches new Beatbox Portable bluetooth speaker dock

Beats by Dre Beatbox Portable speaker dock

Beats by Dre are gunning for not only the headphone market but the portable speaker market with their new Beatbox Portable speaker, which promises high quality bluetooth streaming and a powerful portable sound.

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Teac NS-x1 airplay speaker dock

Teac NS-X1 AirPlay network player finally available

Like so many other AirPlay speakers over the last year, it has taken Teac a few months to get their Teac NS-X1 slimline AirPlay speaker dock into the market, but now it is here, a mere 55mm at the thickest and with a low price tag for an Airplay speaker dock.

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Pure Contour 200i Air with Airplay

Pure Contour 200i Air goes AirPlay at an affordable price

Pure is at CES 2012 waving the flag for British audio and for Apple AirPlay with their first AirPlay enabled speaker dock in the Pure Contour 200i Air, joining the growing ranks of manufacturers embracing wireless streaming over Apple’s AirPlay technology.

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House of Marley Bag of Rhythm

House of Marley Bag of Rhythm – a bag full of sound

The House of Marley Bag of Rhythm boombox style speaker dock is now available for UK customers, ready for the booming outdoor summer parties. Take it to the park or to the beach and enjoy a Caribbean jammin summer.

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Geneva Sound Model XS portable bluetooth speaker

Geneva Sound System Model XS to deliver portable Hi-Fi sound

Geneva Labs have delivered their smallest speaker to date in the Geneva Sound Model XS, but the design is still high-end and the audio is still of Hi-Fi quality. It is quite amazing what they have been able to pack into this folding speaker.

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