KitSound Air Radio

Review: KitSound Air Audio DAB/FM/Bluetooth Radio Speaker

Picking a compact wireless speaker with both DAB and FM radio these days is not easy, as there’s plenty to choose from. A new one throwing its hat in the ring is the KitSound Air Audio DAB/FM/Bluetooth Radio Speaker, a serious contender with its affordable price point, sleek looks, and good performance.

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Kitsound Hive Discovery

Kitsound Hive Discovery Review

As the UK summer is drawing to an end once again, there’s still, hopefully, a good month or so left of being able to enjoy the outdoor, having a BBQ, and listening to music. The Kitsound Hive Discovery provides the flexibility of wireless music on the go, as well as waterproof should those late summer showers take you by surprise.

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Bose Soundlink Color bluetooth speaker

Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker First Impression

Traditionally focused towards the premium end of the audio market, Bose has done a good job in adapting to new audio trends, and that includes with their latest bluetooth speaker addition in the portable Bose Soundlink Color.

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i-box Max bluetooth speaker

i-box Max Review: Portable and Powerful

Overall the i-box Max comes across as a well built portable bluetooth speaker with a clear and powerful sound, making it a good option to consider if you are after a speaker that can be used both at home as well as out and about.

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Beats by Dr.Dre Pill 2.0 speaker

Beats by Dre Pill 2.0 speaker – new and improved

Beats by Dr.Dre has enjoyed success with their first Pill speaker, so with the improvements that can be found in the new and improved second generation of their smallest wireless speaker, we expect it to soar. Meet the Beats by Dre Pill 2.0 bluetooth speaker.

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JBL Pulse speaker with LED lights

JBL Pulse brings some light to the portable speaker market

Forget about the lava lamps of the past, the new disco solution is the JBL Pulse portable speaker that comes with its own programmable LED light show, bringing the disco back to your audio experience at home or wherever you choose to take it.

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Damson Jet wireless stereo speakers

Damson Jet wireless stereo speakers review – surface enhanced

The Damson Jet has got some nifty tricks up its sleeve, including the completely wireless left / right stereo performance and how it uses the surface to generate a better bass performance. There are however some negatives to this method, and are the tricks enough to warrant the price? Find out inside.

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Sony SRS-BTS50 bluetooth speaker

Sony SRS-BTS50 wireless portable Bluetooth speaker

Sony might have introduced one of the first splash proof smartphones in their time, and now they are continuing that trend with a splash proof portable bluetooth speaker in the Sony SRS-BTS50.

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JBL Sparks speaker

JBL Spark wireless bluetooth speaker – first impression

Part of a new range of wireless speakers from JBL, the Spark looks distinct and different with its colorful finish and lamp/shower head shape.

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Pure Contour i1 Air speaker

Pure Contour i1 Air covers all bases with AirPlay, Lightning, and 30-pin dock

With the new Pure Contour i1 Air they are showing that they are going all-in for Apple customers, offering up the holy Apple trinity of AirPlay streaming, lightning dock, and 30-pin docking for those still owning ‘old school’ Apple devices.

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LG ND2530 lightning enabled speaker

LG ND2530 wireless lightning speaker dock – first impression

The smallest in the new range of lightning enabled speaker docks from LG, the ND2530 supports docking of Lightning enabled devices, such as the iPhone 5, as well as connecting other smartphones and tablets using either USB connection or Bluetooth streaming.

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LG NP3530 bluetooth speaker with NFC

LG NP3530 portable bluetooth speaker with NFC – first impression

If you want to be in the mobile speaker accessory market these days, you have to have a portable wireless speaker option as part of your portfolio. For LG that is the new NP3530 bluetooth speaker with NFC.

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House of Marley Get up Stand Up speaker dock

House of Marley get up stand up home audio system – first impression

Some home speaker docks are designed to work for everyone in pretty much every setting, and then there are those that are different. Depending on your own style and taste, that can be either good or bad. In my opinion, the House of Marley Get Up Stand Up speaker dock falls in the good category of different.

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Sony SRS-BTX300 bluetooth speaker

Sony SRS-BTX300 bluetooth NFC speaker – first impression

The little brother of the BTX500, the Sony BTX300 has the same stylish design and most of the same features, but at a reduced overall power output at 20W.

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Damson Oyster bluetooth speaker

Damson Oyster bluetooth speaker with aptX – review

Yorkshire based Damson Audio have created a good portable speaker in the Oyster, proving that there is a growing industry of quality UK based audio devices in this genre. Sound performance is always a case of personal preference, and although the Damson Oyster delivers an overall good sound, I found it to have some minor issues.

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Bayan Soundbook portable bluetooth speaker

Bayan Soundbook Review – A great portable bluetooth speaker

There is no time like the present if you are in the market for a portable bluetooth speaker, as there are some great choices out there. The Bayan Audio Soundbook is amongst the better options in the market, offering up impressive audio performance in a small, portable, and stylish package.

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Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker [first impression]

The Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker is the latest in the Bose wireless speaker line up aimed at the mobile generation on the go. With the Soundlink Mini they have taken what they have learned from the success of the original Soundlink wireless, halved the size to make it even more portable, delivering what Bose themselves describes as; “a superior sound” compared to popular rivals.

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AQ Smartspeaker A2

AQ Smartspeaker A2 – crossing wireless mobile borders

The AQ Smartspeaker A2 is the second generation wireless speaker from UK audio brand, sporting all the great functionality found in the original AQ Smartspeaker A1, but without the rechargeable battery, and therefore with a reduced price point.

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Cambridge Audio Minx Go bluetooth portable speaker

Cambridge Audio MINX Go bluetooth speaker will keep you going for 18 hours

With the addition of the Minx Go bluetooth speaker to the already existing Minx Air Airplay speakers, Cambridge Audio has built up a very strong wireless speaker line up that can rival the best out there, and at a very competitive price point as well. More on the Minx Go inside.

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Pioneer XW-SMA1 airplay speaker

Pioneer XW-SMA1 wireless speaker with AirPlay & DLNA

The smaller of the SMA range of wireless speakers from Pioneer, the XW-SMA1 has many of the same features as the SMA3, with a few exceptions. Available in black or white, the SMA1, ,like its siblings, supports a wide range of streaming options, from AirPlay, HTC Connect, DLNA, to Wireless Direct.

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