Leaked parts of possible iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is reported to be in mass production [WSJ]

WSJ is reporting that Apple has started production of the much rumored smaller 7.85-inch iPad Mini, setting a possible release of the device for end of October / start of November. More inside.

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iPhone 5 concept

iPhone 5 Nano-SIM testing in place already [rumor]

It looks like the iPhone 5 is likely to feature Nano-SIM card as reports indicate that networks are already testing out the new SIM format in expectation of the iPhone 5 release later this year.

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Apple rumored to have 7-inch iPad ready for September

Magic number 7 as Apple is preparing the iPad Mini

WSJ is reporting that Apple supply chain is preparing for mass production of a smaller screen iPad in September. Has the success of the Kindle Fire and the recent launch of the Nexus 7 from Google forced Apple’s hand into delivering an alternative iPad size? More inside.

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iPhone 5 rendering displaying a possible smaller dock connector

New 19-pin connector on iPhone 5 set to send accessory market into a spin

New ‘confirmed’ iPhone 5 leaks have surfaced indicating that Apple will be replacing the current 30-pin dock connector with a smaller 19-pin connector. This has been rumored for a while, but if this is correct it could have wider implications. More inside.

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liquidmetal iPhone 5 concept from Antoine Brieux and NAK studios

Will the iPhone 5 get a brand new design?

New iPhone 5 concepts based on rumored liquid metal body and in-cell screen technology looks great, but how likely are they to prepresent the real thing when it comes to 6th generation iPhone and how different can we really expect the look and feel of the iPhone 5 to be?

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Rumors of Apple using liquidmetal body in next iPhone (image: Macrumors)

iPhone 5 could have liquid metal body and In-Cell Touch panel [rumor]

The next iPhone from Apple might be the ‘terminator’ of the smartphone world featuring a thinner, lighter, and tougher liquidmetal body combined with a new In-Cell Touchscreen panel if we are to believe the latest rumors from the Far East. Find out more inside.

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Rumors about a 7-inch iPad Mini once again resurfaces

Retina display, parts and 7-inch model – a week in the iPad 3 rumor mill

It has been one of the busiest weeks in the iPad 3 rumor mill so far as we have seen rumors of the 7-inch iPad resurfacing and leaked images of what is believed to be the Retina display of the coming iPad 3. Luckily, if rumors are true, we are only weeks away from the truth.

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A6 quad-core iPad 3 with LTE set for March announcement [rumor]

The iPad 3 might be set for a March release and include a new quad-core A6 processor and support for LTE mobile networks according to latest rumors. These latest rumors falls nicely in with earlier rumors as well as traditional release cycles for the iPad. Find out more here.

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Is the ‘Full HD’ iPad 3 in production already? Latest rumors says yes to all

While CES has been dominating tech news in recent weeks, Apple rumors are never far off, and the latest is all about iPad 3 release date and features, including upgrade to ‘Full HD’ screen, Facetime HD, quadcore chip, and a March release date. Find out more inside.

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iPad 3 to arrive in March 2012 with a smaller dock connector [rumor]

With the announcement of the iPhone 4S the Apple blog-o-sphere is refocusing on the iPad 3, with the latest from the rumor mill reporting that iPad 3 will receive a smaller dock connector, which is bad news for most current accessories and their owners.

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Insight into lack of redesigned iPhone 5 [rumor]

While the iPhone 4S is selling like hot cakes some possible new insight into the lack of redesigned iPhone 5 has appeared, stating Siri integration into iOS 5 and production problems as main cause for lack of iPhone 5. Find out more.

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iPhone 5 concept design

iPhone 5 expectations – are we setting ourselves up for dissappointment and does it really matter?

While the techsphere is obsessing about the iPhone 5 most people carry on with their lives, indifferent to all the unsubstantiated rumors and speculations around the next generation iPhone. Here is why i think Apple themselves falls in the last category.

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No iPhone 5 in 2011 says Chinese supplier [rumor]

With new iPhone 4s parts surfacing from China via India, they come with news that there might not be any iPhone 5 in 2011, or at least not in terms of a radical new design. Once again the rumor mill is throwing us for a loop.

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Hot off the iPhone 5 rumor mill: two models and production delays

iPhone 5 is rumored to be facing production problems with the new design, whilst the low-end iPhone 4s is on schedule and rumored to become a hot selling property when released. Welcome to another week in the iPhone 5 rumor mill.

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iPhone 5 makes brief Vodafone appearance as assemblers are hard at work

One less week until the iPhone 5 release and the mysterious device makes a brief text appearance on Vodafone UK website, whilst analyst drops cold water on those believing in a fully redesigned device. Welcome to another week of the iPhone 5 rumor mill.

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Recent iPhone 5 case leaks could be for iPod Touch 5

Recent leaked cases have suggested a 4-inch screen for the iPhone 5, but could it be that we have all got it very wrong and that the case is actually for the iPod Touch 5? It would not be the first time we hear rumors about a larger screen iPod Touch. Find out more here.

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Weekend round-up of iPhone 5 rumors, including 21st October release date and screen size

Been missing all the iPhone 5 rumors from the weekend? Here is a round-up of the latest iPhone 5 rumors, including Best Buy information hinting at 21st october release date, and a new iPhone 5 case to fit a wider and thinner device with a 4-inch screen.

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iPad 3 delayed, but iPhone 5 on schedule for week 2 in September

Chinese sources claim the iPhone 5 is set for a release date in 2nd week of September with initial orders at 4 million units, whilst the rumored iPad 3 will be delayed until after Thanksgiving due to component shortage. Find out more here.

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Apple iPad 2

Bloomberg talks improved screen iPad 3 by end of year

In between all the iPhone 5 talk in the Bloomberg article they also referred to the iPad 3 coming out by end of the year with improved screen resolution by a third, but is it really realistic for Apple to deliver a new iPad this year? Find out more here.

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Is this the iPhone 5 and will it be out in August? Those are the rumors

The iPhone 5 is once again the center of latest Apple rumors as BGR reports that it will have a radical new design (see image in post) and that it might be out in the market as early as end of August this year. Find out more here.

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