iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Here’s the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

After months of speculations and rumours, it’s official. Apple today announced and showcased to the world the new iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen and its big brother, the iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5-inch screen. Gone are the days when Apple believed phablets would never become popular.

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iPhone 6 concepts

iPhone 6 could arrive in August

As iPhone fans are starting to prepare themselves for the next generation of the phone, new sources claim that the iPhone 6, or at least one version of it, will arrive a month earlier than expected in August.

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New budget iPhone 5C

Apple makes iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S official

The wait is over, the next iPhone(s) have arrived, and they are pretty much what the rumour mill has expected over recent weeks; a plastic, colorful, low cost iPhone 5C, and the iPhone 5S with Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

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Apple announces iPad Mini 7.9-inch display

Apple announces 7.9-inch iPad mini with pre-ordering starting Oct 26

Apple has just made it official, the 7.9-inch iPad Mini has been announced featuring a 1024 x 768 display, measuring a mere 7.1mm thick. Pre-ordering set to start on Oct 26th. More on prices and options inside.

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10 million iPad Mini’s reported to be in production

Following last week’s report that the iPad Mini was already in production, WSJ are now reporting that Apple has placed initial orders for 10 million units of the new 7.85-inch iPad Mini with their suppliers.

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Apple rumored to have 7-inch iPad ready for September

Magic number 7 as Apple is preparing the iPad Mini

WSJ is reporting that Apple supply chain is preparing for mass production of a smaller screen iPad in September. Has the success of the Kindle Fire and the recent launch of the Nexus 7 from Google forced Apple’s hand into delivering an alternative iPad size? More inside.

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Apple announces iOS 6 coming this fall

Apple announces iOS6 – features breakdown here [WWDC 2012]

Apple today kicked off WWDC 2012 by announcing the features of iOS 6, the latest generation of the operating system, available in beta today and for full release this fall. iOS 6 brings deeper Facebook integration and Siri to iPad amongst other. See breakdown of key features inside.

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New iPad with Retina display (Apple website screenshot)

Apple announces new iPad with Retina display [breakdown]

We all seem to have got the naming wrong, but Apple today announced the ‘new iPad’ featuring an impressive Retina display, an improved 5-megapixel camera, quad-core graphics, and a host of other new features and apps that is likely to create new queues of buyers around the world.

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Is the ‘Full HD’ iPad 3 in production already? Latest rumors says yes to all

While CES has been dominating tech news in recent weeks, Apple rumors are never far off, and the latest is all about iPad 3 release date and features, including upgrade to ‘Full HD’ screen, Facetime HD, quadcore chip, and a March release date. Find out more inside.

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Next generation iPads set to arrive end of Q1 2012 [rumor]

Sources around the Apple supply chain in the far east is reporting that delivery of parts for the next generation iPad has started already, fueling rumors that the iPad 3 might arrive as early as March next year.

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iPad 3 to arrive in March 2012 with a smaller dock connector [rumor]

With the announcement of the iPhone 4S the Apple blog-o-sphere is refocusing on the iPad 3, with the latest from the rumor mill reporting that iPad 3 will receive a smaller dock connector, which is bad news for most current accessories and their owners.

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iPhone 4s announced

No iPhone 5 as Apple presents iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 price drop

The first iPhone media event as CEO resulted in iPhone 4S and lowered price iPhone 4 & 3GS for Tim Cook, but no redesigned iPhone 5, and I can’t help to feel a bit underwhelmed by todays announcements. Find out more here.

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iPod Touch gets white update and price drop

iPod Touch turns white and comes preloaded with iOS 5 from 12th October

iPod Touch gets update to white version and will come preloaded with iOS 5 from 12th October, including a slight price drop. Given the technical specifications of the iPhone 4S have not been transferred to the iPod Touch I can’t help but question the future of the popular gaming device.

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iOS 5 gets 12th October release date

Apple has today confirmed that iOS 5 will be available to download from the 12th October for compatible devices as part of their iPhone media event that is currently taking place.

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iPhone 5 media event on 4th October (rumor)

Mark your Apple calendars with 4th October: Arrival of new iPhone and iPods

It looks like Tuesday October 4th might be the big iPhone 5 / iPhone 4s announcement date as sources claim media event taking place on that date. It will also represent the first media event led by new CEO Tim Cook. Pressure is on.

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Hot off the iPhone 5 rumor mill: two models and production delays

iPhone 5 is rumored to be facing production problems with the new design, whilst the low-end iPhone 4s is on schedule and rumored to become a hot selling property when released. Welcome to another week in the iPhone 5 rumor mill.

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iPhone 5 on 15th October according to Orange CEO

In a tv interview Orange CEO Stephane Richard have apparently revealed that the iPhone 5 will arrive in France on the 15th October, so we could be looking at a Saturday release for the iPhone 5 in about a months time.

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iPhone 5 makes brief Vodafone appearance as assemblers are hard at work

One less week until the iPhone 5 release and the mysterious device makes a brief text appearance on Vodafone UK website, whilst analyst drops cold water on those believing in a fully redesigned device. Welcome to another week of the iPhone 5 rumor mill.

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iPod Touch 5G turning white with 3G data plans

For all those waiting on the iPod Touch 5G, blame the iPhone 5 for the delay, but there is a chance it will get 3G data connection and become available in white as well as the standard black front now that Apple has sorted the color issue with the iPhone 4.

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Weekend round-up of iPhone 5 rumors, including 21st October release date and screen size

Been missing all the iPhone 5 rumors from the weekend? Here is a round-up of the latest iPhone 5 rumors, including Best Buy information hinting at 21st october release date, and a new iPhone 5 case to fit a wider and thinner device with a 4-inch screen.

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