New Pioneer lightning speaker docks

New Pioneer speakers with Lightning dock for iPhone 5 and later set for December release

The Lightning dock has been around for a good year or so now, and finally we are starting to see a better selection of lightning enabled speaker docks in the UK market. The new additions from Pioneer set for sale in December will make the selection even better, and just in time for those Christmas wishlists.

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Pioneer X-SMC22-S speaker with Lightning dock

Pioneer X-SMC22-S slimline micro system with Lightning dock

The Pioneer X-SMC22-S is part of the new range of Pioneer slimline micro systems that comes with the new Apple Lightning dock, support amongst other the new iPhone models. But this system has more tricks up its sleeves than just docking.

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Pioneer X-SMC55-S micro stereo with lightning dock

Pioneer X-SMC55-S slim micro sound system with lightning dock and AirPlay

Pioneer have launched their new range of slimline micro sound systems, and the top model Pioneer X-SMC55-S comes packed with plenty of audio options, including Lightning dock and AirPlay streaming.

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Pioneer XW-SMA4 wireless speaker

Pioneer XW-SMA4 wireless speaker with AirPlay and wireless direct

The Pioneer XW-SMA4 speaker features the same look as the XW-SMA3, but there are some distinct differences between the models, such as the inclusion of a 100mm subwoofer and double the power output.

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Pioneer XW-SMA3 Airplay speaker

Pioneer XW-SMA3 wireless speaker with AirPlay & DLNA

Pioneer have truly embraced wireless streaming with their new XW-SMA3 portable speaker, packing it with not only Airplay, but also DLNA, HTC Connect, and Wireless Direct, bypassing the need for having a home network available.

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Pioneer XW-SMA1 airplay speaker

Pioneer XW-SMA1 wireless speaker with AirPlay & DLNA

The smaller of the SMA range of wireless speakers from Pioneer, the XW-SMA1 has many of the same features as the SMA3, with a few exceptions. Available in black or white, the SMA1, ,like its siblings, supports a wide range of streaming options, from AirPlay, HTC Connect, DLNA, to Wireless Direct.

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Pioneer XW-BTS1 wireless speaker

Pioneer XW-BTS1 wireless Bluetooth speaker

The Pioneer XW-BTS1 supports streaming over Bluetooth (A2DP), but unlike its big brother the XW-BTS3, it does not have a built in 30-pin dock connector.

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Pioneer XW-BTS3 wireless speaker dock

Pioneer XW-BTS3 wireless speaker dock – first impression

The Pioneer XW-BTS3 supports streaming over Bluetooth (A2DP), but also features a 30-pin dock connector and 3.5mm line-in connection for those devices that does not support Bluetooth streaming.

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The new Pioneer AirPlay speaker range

Pioneer introduces AirPlay speaker line-up

Pioneer is set to bring out 3 new AirPlay and DLNA enabled compact speakers in the XW-SMA1, XW-SMA3 and the XW-SMA4, joining the already extensive selection of AirPlay enabled devices from Pioneer. Find out more inside.

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Pioneer Steez boombox

Pioneer Steez STZ-D10Z Boombox makes you dance to the beat

Pioneer have launched a new range of boombox style speaker docks targeting the growing street dance market, including the top model STZ-D10Z boombox with all kinds of modern features to keep you dancing to the beat.

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Pioneer VSX-2021-K 3D Av receiver with Airplay

Pioneer VSX-2021-K 7.1-channel 3D AV receiver with Airplay

Pioneer has delivered another AirPlay enabled AV receiver with the VSX-2021-K which comes with dual HDMI output, 3D ready, DLNA streaming and plenty of surround sound power for the home entertainment enthusiast.

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Pioneer x-smc5-k airplay system

Pioneer X-SMC5-K slimline system with Airplay

Pioneer X-SMC5-K is the big brother in the Airplay enabled slimline micro systems, feature packed with DLNA, bluetooth, and CD/DVD combo. This is a true multi functional sound system for your home.

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Pioneer X-SMC3-K micro system with AirPlay

Pioneer X-SMC3-K Micro System with AirPlay and DLNA

Pioneer X-SMC3-K is one of the more affordable AirPlay micro systems in the market that also offer DLNA streaming and a host of other connection options, both wired and unwired. Find out more here.

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Pioneer X-SMC3-K wireless AirPlay system

Pioneer with two new AirPlay slimline multi-room Music Tap systems

Pioneer has announced two new AirPlay enabled hifi systems in the slimline Music Tap multi-room systems X-SMC3-K and X-SMC5-K set for October release. The top model also features DVD player and HDMI output. Find out more here.

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Pioneer VSX-921 AV receiver

Pioneer VSX-921 7.1-channel AV receiver with AirPlay

The Pioneer VSX-921 is the little brother of the VSX-1021, but has many of the same features, including AirPlay and DLNA streaming, as well as a powerful 150W output per channel and HD Audio. Find out more here.

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Pioneer VSX-1021 AV receiver

Pioneer VSX-1021 7.1-channel AV receiver with AirPlay

One of the first AirPlay enabled AV-receivers from Pioneer the VSX-1021 represents a focus on wireless technology from Pioneer for their future AV-receivers giving you the opportunity to create a true home entertainment system.

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Pioneer AppRadio in-car system for iPhone

Pioneer AppRadio: first iPhone compatible car stereo

Pioneer is breaking new ground in iOS compatible car stereo systems with their new Pioneer AppRadio with app integration and a 6.1-inch capacitive touchscreen to control all of the goodness.

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Pioneer showing Apple and AirPlay some serious love

Pioneer is starting to show Apple and their AirPlay technology some serious love by integrating the technology into their latest AV receiver, the VSX-1021 7.1-channel home theater system. it looks like Pioneer is starting to see the value of the Apple fan base.

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