Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music £25,000 Prize Draw

Amazon has announced that their music streaming service has just gotten better. Prime Music is over a million songs and hundreds of hand‑built playlists, with ad‑free listening anywhere, on any device, anytime with Amazon Prime. To celebrate this and get more users signed up they are holding a £25,000 prize draw.

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Google Play Music app for iPad

Google Play Music might soon be available in iPad version

For the many Google Play Music fans out there, it looks like we will soon be able to use it ‘properly’ on an iPad as well as the larger screen version is found hidden in the iPhone app.

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Google Play Music iOS App download

Google Play Music official iOS app arrives

The official Google Play Music app for iOS devices have finally arrived on the iTunes App Store, giving iOS users access to their Google stored music library, which offers up to 20,000 songs stored for free with your Google account. Find out more inside.

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iCloud supporting ‘streaming’ another sign of low-cost iPhone coming [beta insight]

Developers have received access to the iTunes Match beta, part of the iCloud service, revealing that it will support streaming after all, a feature not mentioned when it was first announced, and perhaps another sign of a lower cost iPhone coming soon.

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Napster returns to challenge iTunes with 6million songs

Since its famous beginning offering free music downloads, Napster is now completely legit and now they are taking on the giant in iTunes. Napster has lately been focusing on offering… Read more »

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Myspace challenges itunes with new deal

In a move to for sure capitalize on the enormous user base of their social networking service, Myspace has gone into a partnership with 3 out of the 4 major… Read more »

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Rumour of possible myspace mp3 download service

According to news source, MySpace is looking into the possibilities of launching their own music store to rival itunes and the soon to be launched music service from Amazon…. Read more »

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O’Neill H4 Audio Beanie – music to keep you warm

The H4 Audio Beanie from O’Neill is the perfect music companion for the ipod on these cold and frosty northern days, or if you are enjoying the slopes and the… Read more »

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Album of the week: Outlandish “Closer than veins”

The Danish trio Outlandish released their first album back in 2000 (Outland’s official) which received critical acclaim for songs like ‘Walou’. Since then they have released one more studio album… Read more »

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Other mp3 players – the ipod alternatives

I know this is like swearing in church, but we all need to be open to other opportunities so I figured I would test a few other alternative mp3 players,… Read more »

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Amazon MP3 international rollout to start this year

According to, Amazon has revealed that they will be taking their MP3 offer internationally in 2008. No exact dates have been set for the different countries yet, but we… Read more »

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