Invitation Apple event 16th October 2014

Yes, it has been too long Apple! Announcement of likely iPad media event

Apple has announced a new media event for 16th October with the tag line “It has been way to long”, likely to refer to update versions of the iPad, but could there be some iPod news in there as well?

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Apple announces iOS 5.1

Apple has just announced the arrival of iOS 5.1 which amongst other will include Siri in Japanese for immediate download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners currently running iOS 5. The upgrade also features new bug fixes and improvements.

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iPhone 4s announced

No iPhone 5 as Apple presents iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 price drop

The first iPhone media event as CEO resulted in iPhone 4S and lowered price iPhone 4 & 3GS for Tim Cook, but no redesigned iPhone 5, and I can’t help to feel a bit underwhelmed by todays announcements. Find out more here.

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iPhone event live blog

Let’s talk iPhone media event live updates [live]

The latest updates LIVE from the “Let’s talk iPhone” event from 6pm UK time, including announcement of next iPhone, whether it is the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S. No more rumors, this is the real thing!

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iPhone media event: Final hour predictions based on learnings from the past

Based on what we historically have seen from Apple product upgrades and the rumor mill, these are my last minute predictions ahead of the iPhone media event, and they might not be to the liking of Apple fans out there.

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Three new iPod Touch SKUs appear in Apple systems, likely white version

Three new iPod Touch SKUs with codename N81a have appeared in Apple inventory systems, likely representing white versions of current iPod Touch, or could we still be talking about an upgraded interior for iPod Touch 5? Find out more here.

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Apple iPhone event official

Apple iPhone media event on 4th October is now official as invites have gone out

Apple iPhone media event on 4th October is now official as invites go out to the press with strapline “let’s talk iPhone”, setting the expectations of what to come, but not revealing anything about the next iPhone.

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Facebook iPad app to share spotlight at coming Apple media event

Apple could be sharing some of the spotlight at the coming media event with Facebook as there are rumors of the long awaited release of the official Facebook iPad app. There are also rumors that the two companies are joining forces to fight Google. Find out more here.

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iPhone 5 curtain call

2 week October holiday ban for UK Apple employees fits in with new iPhone launch

A reported two week October holiday ban for UK Apple employees fits in with new iPhone launch and the expected 4th October media event. What is more interesting is what iPhone it will be, and what else will they announce (read iPods).

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Apple to keep media event on home turf

Whether it is down to Apple not pinning down a date early enough or that the event will not include the iPhone 5, rumor is that the Apple media event on the 4th October will be held at the Town Hall Auditorium at Apple Campus in Cupertino.

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iPhone 5 media event on 4th October (rumor)

Mark your Apple calendars with 4th October: Arrival of new iPhone and iPods

It looks like Tuesday October 4th might be the big iPhone 5 / iPhone 4s announcement date as sources claim media event taking place on that date. It will also represent the first media event led by new CEO Tim Cook. Pressure is on.

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