Apple approaching 25 billion app downloads, promising US $10,000 gift card for winner

The App Store is quickly approaching 25 billion downloaded apps with promises of great gifts

Apple has started the countdown towards 25 billion downloaded iOS apps by promising a US $10,000 App Store gift card to the person that downloads app number 25 billion. Find out more inside, including a chart showcasing App download growth rate over time since the App Store launched in July 2008.

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Top EA Games Apps go on sale

EA Games App sales start on iTunes UK App Store

EA Games have set up to top all app download lists for Christmas in the iTunes App Store as they cut prices on top iPhone and iPad games, including FIFA 12 and Monopoly, to a low £0.69 in the UK. Find out more and games included here.

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The return of 12 Days of iTunes Christmas

Apple has returned the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas offer app to the iTunes App Store, setting up 12 days of great deals on apps, music, videos, books etc. starting on the 26th December, right after Santa has finished his gift rounds.

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CoPilot Live Premium UK & Ireland sav nav app for iPhone [review]

iPhone owners no longer need to shell out big money for a satellite navigation system as there are some real good app alternatives, including the CoPilot Live Premium sat nav app which gives you easy to use, feature rich service, at a fraction of the price.

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Linkedin iPhone App v4 review

Social network for professionals Linkedin has released a new and updated Linkedin App v4.0 with a brand new shiny visual interface, but is lacking some basic functionality to get a top mark, including contact list integration.

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Google+ iPhone app: Did Google just become too trigger happy?

Google has released the first Google+ iPhone app for iOS devices, unfortunately it looks like they have rushed it a bit and missed out on some basics features that needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. Find out more here.

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Updated Starbucks App coming to UK

Starbucks card top-up through iPhone app to come to UK

UK Starbucks fans out there will be glad to know that there are plans to bring mobile app Starbucks card management and possibly mobile payments through the app as well. These are services available to US customers at the moment.

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Facebook Project Spartan to take on iTunes App Store

Facebook iPad app and Project Spartan: can it convert us?

Details have leaked about Facebook Project Spartan, a project aiming to take future app control out of Apple control using HTML5 built web apps available directly through the mobile Safari browser. Question is though; is this a game changer?

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App Store milestone inforgraphic

Half-a-million apps on iTunes: Quality or just quantity

With Apple having passed half-a-million apps on the App Store one can only raise the question; is it quantity over quality? See inside the post for infographic breakdown of App Store and thoughts on difficulty of standing out from the crowd.

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iTunes App Store leads the way for paid apps

A recent report indicates that Apple and their iTunes App Store is the place to be at the moment for making money on app development with the best paid vs free app ratio considering the size of the market as well. But Android Market is playing catch up.

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No porn after all – Playboy app on iPad to be ‘no-nude’ version

It now looks like all the fuzz around Playboy breaking down the no-nudity rules in the App Store are based on a misunderstanding. The iPad app will be a censored version while Playboy are working on a web based service that utilizes native iPad functions containing uncensored images.

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Collecting Nectar points on your iPhone – there’s an app for that!

Nectar points collectors can now look forward to having access to latest and exclusive deals on their iPhone as Nectar launches its first iPhone App in the UK, providing Nectar users with access to personalized deals in their local area. Find out more here.

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Apple iPad Apps now in iTunes App Store

Third party applications for the Apple iPad is now officially starting to appear in the iTunes App Store, days in advance of the US release of the Apple iPad. One of the exclusive iPad apps include Magic Piano from Smule. Find out more about Magic Piano and iPad apps here.

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The Gift of an App this Easter – Apple launches gift solution for Apps in latest iTunes

“Gift This App” is the latest feature released from Apple in the iTunes App Store, allowing you to give the gift of your favourite iPhone app to a friend, family, colleague, or whoever else you want to share the gift of your favourite iPhone App with.

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The Mobile App Market Revolution: Future size and the app entrepreneurs

A study shows that the value of the mobile app market in 2012 could be a massive $17.5 billion as more and more developers are becoming app entrepreneurs, going in search for that dream of developing the next multi-million app idea in an increasingly crowded market.

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Claim refunds for delayed Tube Journeys – iPhone App to the rescue!

Tired of having to fill out long forms everytime you want to claim for tube delays? If you have an iPhone you can now download the Tube Refund app that makes the process of claiming refund for delayed London Tube journeys much faster and easier.

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Can sex swing the balance of the smartphone market? Apple goes conservative

Reports indicate that Apple has changed their view on thousands of iPhone Apps over the last couple of weeks, removing over 5,000 apps that have content that in some ways can be deemed as “overtly sexual”. Could sex be the downfall for Apple in the smartphone battle?

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3 billion and counting – iTunes App Store milestone

The iTunes App Store has used less than 100 days to add another billion app dowloads, bringing the new total count to an impressive 3 billion since launch less than 18 months ago, and there are no signs that it is slowing down anytime soon.

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Santa’s sack – a fun little xmas iPhone game

Evil animals have broken into Santa’s grotto on the northpole and he needs help collecting all the presents for the children. Santa’s Sack is a simple, fun, and addictive game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will keep you entertained for Christmas.

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There are now officially 100,000 apps for that

The iTunes App Store can now officially say it has over 100,000 applications available to download for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but is it quantity over quality? We have looked at the growth of the iTunes App Store and how we use the growing number of apps.

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