Apple invites to special iPhone 5 event on 12th September

What to expect on the 12th September Apple event

It has been made official that 12th September is the date when Apple will announce their next generation iPhone, most likely to be known as the iPhone 5. More on what to expect inside.

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iPhone 5 concept

iPhone 5 Nano-SIM testing in place already [rumor]

It looks like the iPhone 5 is likely to feature Nano-SIM card as reports indicate that networks are already testing out the new SIM format in expectation of the iPhone 5 release later this year.

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iPhone 5 rendering displaying a possible smaller dock connector

New 19-pin connector on iPhone 5 set to send accessory market into a spin

New ‘confirmed’ iPhone 5 leaks have surfaced indicating that Apple will be replacing the current 30-pin dock connector with a smaller 19-pin connector. This has been rumored for a while, but if this is correct it could have wider implications. More inside.

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liquidmetal iPhone 5 concept from Antoine Brieux and NAK studios

Will the iPhone 5 get a brand new design?

New iPhone 5 concepts based on rumored liquid metal body and in-cell screen technology looks great, but how likely are they to prepresent the real thing when it comes to 6th generation iPhone and how different can we really expect the look and feel of the iPhone 5 to be?

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Rumors of Apple using liquidmetal body in next iPhone (image: Macrumors)

iPhone 5 could have liquid metal body and In-Cell Touch panel [rumor]

The next iPhone from Apple might be the ‘terminator’ of the smartphone world featuring a thinner, lighter, and tougher liquidmetal body combined with a new In-Cell Touchscreen panel if we are to believe the latest rumors from the Far East. Find out more inside.

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iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen ready for production according to Foxconn worker

According to sources inside Foxconn there are currently several versions of 4-inch screen iPhone 5′s doing the rounds as they get ready for full on production, fueling speculation that the iPhone 5 might be set for a summer release.

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Two new iPhone 5 concepts that look great but are likely off the mark

Creative talents around the globe are creating iPhone 5 concepts, including these two that look great but are likely a bit too much off the mark to become reality, as both have features that Apple would be unlikely to implement for iPhone 5. See the concepts inside.

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4-inch LTE iPhone 5 in 2012

iPhone 5 with LTE and 4-inch IGZO screen [rumors]

New information have surfaced that makes a 4-inch iPhone 5 with LTE 4G more likely to be arriving sometime in 2012 as Apple is reported to be working with several display manufacturers on new and larger displays.

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New iPhone, iPad and Apple TV codenames in iOS 5.1 beta

Apple has released iOS 5.1 beta to developers, with the source code revealing references to new iPhone, iPad and Apple TV models. The reference iPhone 5,1 is likely the codename for the next generation iPhone, or iPhone 5 as we have come to know it.

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Insight into lack of redesigned iPhone 5 [rumor]

While the iPhone 4S is selling like hot cakes some possible new insight into the lack of redesigned iPhone 5 has appeared, stating Siri integration into iOS 5 and production problems as main cause for lack of iPhone 5. Find out more.

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iPhone event live blog

Let’s talk iPhone media event live updates [live]

The latest updates LIVE from the “Let’s talk iPhone” event from 6pm UK time, including announcement of next iPhone, whether it is the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S. No more rumors, this is the real thing!

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iPhone media event: Final hour predictions based on learnings from the past

Based on what we historically have seen from Apple product upgrades and the rumor mill, these are my last minute predictions ahead of the iPhone media event, and they might not be to the liking of Apple fans out there.

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While there is still hope for the iPhone 5 redesign [image]

While the majority of ‘evidence’ so far is leaning towards the iPhone 4S there is still hope for a redesigned iPhone 5 on Tuesday 4th October, perhaps something along the lines of this physical iPhone 5 mock up.

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Apple iPhone event official

Apple iPhone media event on 4th October is now official as invites have gone out

Apple iPhone media event on 4th October is now official as invites go out to the press with strapline “let’s talk iPhone”, setting the expectations of what to come, but not revealing anything about the next iPhone.

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iPhone 5 features: what we want vs what we might get

Given the focus of the iPhone 5 rumor mill on design and screen size you might be surprised to see what actually matters to us as consumers, as a recent survey/infographic highlights what is most important for us when upgrading our iPhones.

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iPhone 5 curtain call

2 week October holiday ban for UK Apple employees fits in with new iPhone launch

A reported two week October holiday ban for UK Apple employees fits in with new iPhone launch and the expected 4th October media event. What is more interesting is what iPhone it will be, and what else will they announce (read iPods).

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Apple to keep media event on home turf

Whether it is down to Apple not pinning down a date early enough or that the event will not include the iPhone 5, rumor is that the Apple media event on the 4th October will be held at the Town Hall Auditorium at Apple Campus in Cupertino.

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Al Gore, cases and launch dates – it is iPhone 5 Friday

It is Friday and almost weekend, but before we all take a well deserved break, here is a round up of iPhone 5 stories, including Al Gore mentioning plural iPhones in a speech and iPhone 4s cases starting to arrive. This is our iPhone 5 Friday Round Up.

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iPhone 5 media event on 4th October (rumor)

Mark your Apple calendars with 4th October: Arrival of new iPhone and iPods

It looks like Tuesday October 4th might be the big iPhone 5 / iPhone 4s announcement date as sources claim media event taking place on that date. It will also represent the first media event led by new CEO Tim Cook. Pressure is on.

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iPhone 5 concept design

iPhone 5 expectations – are we setting ourselves up for dissappointment and does it really matter?

While the techsphere is obsessing about the iPhone 5 most people carry on with their lives, indifferent to all the unsubstantiated rumors and speculations around the next generation iPhone. Here is why i think Apple themselves falls in the last category.

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