iWalk Link 3000L backup power iPhone

iWalk Link 3000L Portable Back Up Battery Review

One of the biggest challenges to anyone with a smartphone or tablet these days is to ensure their device does not run out of battery when without easy access to a charging point. We have all been there, getting towards the end of the day, perhaps stuck on the commute home, and the alerts of low battery starts popping up. Enter the iWalk Link 3000L portable charging battery.

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Invitation Apple event 16th October 2014

Yes, it has been too long Apple! Announcement of likely iPad media event

Apple has announced a new media event for 16th October with the tag line “It has been way to long”, likely to refer to update versions of the iPad, but could there be some iPod news in there as well?

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iPad trade-in program comes to UK Apple retail stores

About a month after Apple announced their iPad trade-in program for retail stores in the US and Canada it looks like the program has found its way across the pond to Europe, including us here in the UK. According to the information you should now be able to trade in your iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini at Apple stores in exchange for a newer model iOS device.

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Google Play Music app for iPad

Google Play Music might soon be available in iPad version

For the many Google Play Music fans out there, it looks like we will soon be able to use it ‘properly’ on an iPad as well as the larger screen version is found hidden in the iPhone app.

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Microsoft Office Word for iPad

Microsoft Office arrived on iPad today

It might have been on the cards for a while now, but today new Microsoft boss Satya Nadella announced the immediate release of the Microsoft Office suite for iPad, possibly starting a new era for Microsoft as an application provider across devices.

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Find the right accessories for Christmas

12 Christmas gifts for your loved iPhone and iPad

Whether you already own an iPhone or iPad, or expect to get one this Christmas, you will still want to get some key accessories that will allow you to get the most out of your new device. The choices are bigger than ever when it comes to accessories for the iPhone and iPad, so you should be able to find some gifts that would fit your lifestyle and personality.

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iPad Pro concept

Is there an iPad Pro with 4k screen in the pipeline?

Somehow it does not come as a surprise that Apple might be working on a Pro version of the iPad, just like they have done with the MacBook range. The latest rumours are that Apple is testing different screen technologies to go with the IPad Pro, including so a called 4k screens with a resolution around 3840×2160.

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Black Friday deals UK

And Black Friday week officially kicks off

Shoppers, get your cards ready as Black Friday week kicks off around the globe, including here in the UK and the US, with retailers such as Amazon starting their week of deals from today. To help you find the best bargains on iPhone and iPad related products, we will be pulling together deals throughout the week.

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Apple store down ahead of iPad event

Apple store is down – busy getting updated with new iPads perhaps

The Apple store online is now down as they are busy updating it, likely with amongst other the new iPad 5 and iPad Mini Retina that is expected to be announced later on today. Walking past a high street Apple store earlier, there was a clear lack of any window displays as well.

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QuarterWave audiophile bluetooth aptX speaker

A unique Bluetooth speaker and a clever portable stand looking for Kickstarter love

It’s amazing what one can come across of interesting projects when surfing Kickstarter, or when people looking for funding gets in touch to get their projects promoted. This week I’m taking a closer look at two gadget related projects that should speak to Apple fans out there; the Quarterwave bluetooth speaker and the Standie tiny portable phone / tablet stand.

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eleMount premium iPhone stand

eleMount premium mount / stand for your iPhone or iPad

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I cringe when I have to place my phone into one of those standard plastic car smartphone mounts that just feels over-sized and not very good looking. To the rescue comes the eleMount premium iPhone and iPad stand, a successful Kickstarter project.

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thingCharger - charges all your gadgets

thingCHARGER is all the charger you need

I love design and products that are simplistic and ultra functional, and the thingCharger has the potential to fall into just that category as it helps to solve a common problem in many homes, and does so in a very stylish and simplistic way.

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Meet the new iPhone 5

Record sales for iPhone in Q3 2013 while iPad and iPod sales drop

Apple released its fiscal Q3 2013 results yesterday and the iPhone was once again the hero of the day, reporting record Q3 sales of 31.2 million units, helping Apple to beat market estimates with $35.3 billion in revenue and $6.9 billion net profit (down from $8.8 billion in Q3 2012).

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Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case for iPad

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case for iPad review

Generally I’m not a fan of cases that add bulk to my iPad 4, but having tried out the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case, I realize there are times when it is actually very useful. Especially when executed as well as Belkin has done with this one.

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Champagne World iPad app magazine

Champagne World lands in your iPad Newsstand [preview]

Champagne lovers and enthusiasts rejoice, a brand new free iPad magazine/app called Champagne World has arrived on your iPad, promising to deliver great content that will educate and entertain you about the famous French bubbly.

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Apple unleashes Black Friday deals in UK

Apple has revealed their Black Friday one-day deals, including discounts on iPad 2, Macbook Air, iPod Touch and more. There are some good deals to be made on a wide range of accessories as well. Find out more here.

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How to set up iPhone OS updates over air [guide]

With Apple releasing iOS 5.0.1 i thought i would test over-the-air (OTA) software updates on my iPhone 4, and at the same time share this step-by-step guide as to how it works, as i think you will find it time saving compared to old method.

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BBC iPlayer Global for iPad now supports AirPlay streaming

BBC have updated their global iPlayer App for iPad to finally support AirPlay streaming for users around Europe that have updated their iPad to run iOS 5. Now you can stream your favourite shows from your iPad to your AirPlay compatible devices.

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Rise of the speaker dock leads to fall of HiFi [insight]

We all secretly know that Apple products have had a market changing effect on the audio industry, and the recent Gfk consumer electronics figures for the UK highlights the rise of the iPod speaker dock market in an otherwise negative HiFi trend. Find out more here.

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Skype WiFi App brings unlimited data to your iOS device

Skype has launched an iOS app for their popular Skype WiFi service giving your iOS device access to low cost unlimited data access at over a million hotspots worldwide, with the convenience of paying with your Skype Credit. Find out more here.

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