Quicksilver iPad Air Sleeve from Proporta

Review: Quicksilver iPad Air Sleeve from Proporta

Overall the Quicksilver iPad Air Redemption sleeve from Proporta is a good and stylish protective sleeve for your iPad Air. It’s strengths are its light weight and that it’s spacious enough to allow for having your iPad Air in a case, such as a slim keyboard case, for ease of carrying around.

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Belkin QODE Ultimate iPad Air keyboard case

Review Belkin QODE Ultimate iPad Air keyboard case

While I’m yet to test some of the biggest rivals for the Belkin QODE Ultimate, I’m very happy with this one. As someone that does a lot of typing, having a physical keyboard with the iPad Air just allows me to travel a lot lighter, not having to bring both a macbook and the iPad when out and about. Good functionality, splim profile, responsive keyboard, and great battery life (used for a month and yet to charge) makes the Belkin QODE Ultimate for iPad Air a winner in my book.

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eleMount premium iPhone stand

eleMount premium mount / stand for your iPhone or iPad

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I cringe when I have to place my phone into one of those standard plastic car smartphone mounts that just feels over-sized and not very good looking. To the rescue comes the eleMount premium iPhone and iPad stand, a successful Kickstarter project.

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Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case for iPad

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case for iPad review

Generally I’m not a fan of cases that add bulk to my iPad 4, but having tried out the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case, I realize there are times when it is actually very useful. Especially when executed as well as Belkin has done with this one.

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Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld iPad dock

Belkin Thunderstorm is a handheld iPad speaker dock

Belkin is venturing into the iPad speaker dock market at CES 2013 with a brand new product in the Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater dock, which combines an iPad stand with integrated home theatre enhanced sound.

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Pack & Smooch Merino iPad sleeve

Pack & Smooch Merino iPad sleeve review – Style and protection for your iPad

If you are after something different for your iPad to protect it on travel and everyday use, check out Pack & Smooch Merino iPad sleeve in 100% German woolfelt and vegetable tanned leather.

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Mobo Stylus touchpoint pens for use with iOS devices

Mobo Stylus for iPhone and iPad – touchscreen control without fingerprints

The Mobo Stylus touchpoint pens provide you with a more accurate way to interact with creative apps on your iOS device without leaving fingerprints. Find out more about the Mobo Stylus 2-in-1 pen and the smaller Stylus Mini here.

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Touchscreen friendly gloves to keep you warm and connected

Operating a touchscreen smartphone like the iPhone in sub-zero degrees is not fun, and that is why touchscreen gloves could become a hot seller this winter, and a popular stocking filler for those last minute Christmas gifts.

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Snugg iPad 2 squared skinny fit protective case [review]

In terms of soft protective cases for the iPad 2 the Snugg Squared Skinny Fit protective case is a good option that makes your iPad 2 feel a bit more protected if you are taking it out into the elements with you.

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Snugg iPad 2 ultra thin case cover and stand [review]

Although not real leather the Snugg ultra thin smartcover does provide good protection and support for the iPad 2 while not making it too bulky. There are however some strong competition out there and the price is above average.

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Pantone Universe range of iPhone and iPad cases from Case Scenario

Bring some Pantone color to your iPhone and iPad

Case Scenario with license from Pantone are delivering some bright colors to your iPhone 4 and iPad with their new range of cases, hoping perhaps that the combination of Apple and Pantone will strike a cord with the creatives amongst us.

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