Week 9 top deals – iHome speaker system

This weeks top offer comes from Amazon UK featuring an iHome Speaker System for iPhone and iPod. A popular speaker dock for the home or the office, now reduced as part of the Amazon UK weekly offer.

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iHome iDL45 alarm lightning speaker dock

iHome iDL45 Lightning enabled dual alarm clock radio

The iHome IDL45 is a new dual alarm clock Lightning dock from iHome that lets you charge, listen, and wake up to your latest iOS / iPod device, featuring a top Lightning dock, USB connection, and FM radio.

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iHome iDL100 alarm dock with lightning port

iHome iDL100 dual Lightning alarm clock radio with bluetooth

The big brother of the iDL45, the iHome iDL100 is the jack-of-all-trades alarm clock dock for your bedroom, featuring dual Lightning docks, USB connection, FM radio, and bluetooth streaming.

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iHome iDL100 alarm dock with lightning port

iHome joins Lightning dock race at CES 2013

iHome has revealed some of the new products they will present at CES 2013. including two new Lightning alarm radio docks and a range of bluetooth speakers and headphones, making their booth a well worth visit spot for those going to the show.

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iHome iW2 budget AirPlay speaker

iHome iW2 – a budget AirPlay speaker

iHome iW2, the smaller of the iHome AirPlay speakers looks almost the same as the iW2, but has a smaller footprint and price compared to its big brother. The big question however is whether or not the sound punches above its weight class.

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iHome iW4 Airplay alarm clock speaker dock

iHome iW4 brings AirPlay to the bedroom

iHome has announced the release of their latest AirPlay enabled speaker dock in the iHome iW4 alarm clock speaker dock for the bedroom, one of three new alarm dock models to be featured at their CES stand next week.

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iHome iW1 appears on Amazon UK set for end of August launch

New information has surfaced indicating an end of August launch for the iHome iW1 AirPlay speaker as it also makes an appearance on Amazon UK website. It has been nearly a year since it was first announced.

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iHome iW1 approaching launch + video

New information indicates that iHome might finally be ready to launch their much anticipated iHome iW1 AirPlay speaker around September, as several competitors are getting ready to release new AirPlay systems. Find out more and see video here.

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iHome iD9 iPad speaker dock

Coming soon: iHome iD9 iPad speaker dock

The iHome iD9 is the latest from iHome in iPad optimized speaker docks set to launch in the UK in the coming month (June) according to listing on Amazon UK. Find out more about the iHome iD9 here.

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iHome iA100 bluetooth speaker dock

iHome iA100 bluetooth speaker dock for iPad and iPhone

The iHome iA100 is the flagship model of bedside table alarm clock solutions featuring bluetooth streaming and a dock that supports the Apple iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod models. With app-enhanced functionality the iHome iA100 is one to consider for the bedroom.

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iHome iW2 and iW3 AirPlay joins the flagship iW1

Following the announcement of the iHome iW1 Airplay speaker, iHome has now announced two more AirPlay speakers in the iHome iW2 and iW3 in advance of CES 2011. The new iW2 and iW3 build on the same design features as the iW1, but is not portable. Find out more here.

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iHome reveals new iPod, iPhone, and iPad speaker docks

iHome has revealed their new range of alarm clock and speaker docks for the Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad, which amongst other features several new app-enhanced alarm clock docks and two bluetooth portable units.. These new units will be featured at CES 2011 this week.

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iHome iP3 BZC – a speaker dock with punch

iHome iP3BZC docking station for iPod and iPhone comes packed with an impressive power for its class, making it an interesting addition to the crowded mid-range speaker dock market. Find out more about the iHome iP3BZC docking station and its specifications here.

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iHome iW1

iHome iW1 AirPlay Speaker

The iHome iW1 might have taken nearly a year to arrive, but finally it is here joining a growing family of Apple AirPlay compatible speakers. Find out more information about the iHome iW1 AirPlay speaker here.

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iHome iP90 alarm speaker dock

iHome iP90 – classic iPod/iPhone clock radio

The iHome iP90 is the next generation iPod and iPhone compatible clock radios. With the iHome iP90 this well known and leading brand have made it more curvy and improved the display, while still keeping that retro-modern look that has made them famous.

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