B&O BeoLit 15 premium portable bluetooth speaker

B&O Beolit 15 Preview: The portable bluetooth powerhouse speaker

You can tell that bluetooth audio has come a long way when high end audio brand like B&O starts embracing it, first with the BeoPlay A2 speaker, and now with the new BeoLit 15, the next generation of the iconic portable wireless speaker featuring stand out design and packed with premium audio components.

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House of Marley One Foundation Premium speaker

House of Marley One Foundation Premium Wireless speaker

The One Foundation AirPlay speaker was first mentioned a few years back, but it’s only recently that the speaker has found its way onto the marketplace, and in the process House of Marley has added an even more polished design as well as packed it with more high end audio technology.

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Libratone Diva soundbar

Libratone Diva – the new woolly soundbar looking to change the soundbar market

The Danish audio manufacturer Libratone, known for their woolly wireless AirPlay speakers, have announced the October arrival of their latest product, the Libratone Diva; a soundbar that we are hoping will live up to its name when it comes to sound.

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Tangent Classic wireless speaker

Tangent Classic BT wireless bluetooth speaker – style and design

Every now and then you come across speakers that just catches your eye and attention, and the Tangent Classic wireless speaker is one of those with its nontraditional design.

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Philips Fidelio Soundtowers

Philips Fidelio Sound Towers

Philips continues to grow their Fidelio range of speakers with new stylish additions, and amongst the new additions this year is the Fidelio SoundTowers, offering up both 30-pin and Lightning docking as well as Bluetooth aptX streaming.

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KEF X300A wireless desktop speaker with AirPlay and DLNA

KEF X300A wireless speakers brings high-end audio to AirPlay

While the market is crowded with speaker docks and small portable wireless speakers, sometimes you need a higher quality sound for your home, but hoping not to break the budget completely. This is where amongst other KEF X300A comes into the picture, hoping to deliver a high-end solution to audiophiles out there.

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Azatom iWood6 speaker dock with CD, USB and SD card reader

AZATOM iWood6 speaker dock with CD review

The Azatom iWood6 is another great home audio system from this relatively new brand on the UK market, delivering a powerful and refined audio experience at a value for money price. Read full review inside.

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B&O BeoPlay A9 airplay speaker

B&O BeoPlay A9 – a dish of an AirPlay speaker

B&O BeoPlay A9 is the latest AirPlay speaker from the Danish high-end audio company, a system that is guaranteed to turn a head or two with its unique design as well as an audio set up that sounds very promising.

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Samsung DA-E750 AirPlay and AllShare speaker

Samsung DA-E750 AirPlay – tabletop speaker with style

Samsung DA-E750 AirPlay and AllShare speaker dock with hybrid digital/valve vacuum tube amp is now available for audio fans in the UK, in both Apple and Android camps, as this sound system plays nice with both while looking very stylish.

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Loewe SoundBox

Loewe SoundBox speaker dock now available

The Loewe SoundBox speaker dock brings plenty of audio source support, strong specs, and high quality design, hoping to compete in a very tough part of the market that includes highly rated systems such as the Geneva Sound Model M. Find out more inside.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A8 Airplay speaker dock

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A8 – their second AirPlay speaker dock

As part of their new PLAY brand Bang & Olufsen are bringing out their second AirPlay speaker in the BeoPlay A8, an upgrade of the iconic design of the B&O BeoSound 8 speaker dock that was released well over a year ago. Find out more inside.

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Bang&Olufsen Beolit 12 portable AirPlay speaker

Bang & Olufsen BeoLit 12 AirPlay portable speaker

With the BeoLit 12 Airplay speaker famous Danish audio manufacturer Bang & Olufsen have entered the AirPlay market, and they have done so with an impressive system that is splitting opinion when it comes to its design. Find out more here.

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Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 wireless 2.2 speaker dock

Soundfreaq Sound Stack: Shaking up the market with wireless sound

The Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 wireless bluetooth speaker has arrived on the scene ready to deliver a powerful and well balanced sound punch like no other we have heard from a bluetooth speaker dock to date.

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Pioneer x-smc5-k airplay system

Pioneer X-SMC5-K slimline system with Airplay

Pioneer X-SMC5-K is the big brother in the Airplay enabled slimline micro systems, feature packed with DLNA, bluetooth, and CD/DVD combo. This is a true multi functional sound system for your home.

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Parrot by Philippe Starck Zikmu wireless speakers

Parrot by Philippe Starck Zikmu wireless speakers: for the design conscious

Put together a wireless speaker specialist and a famous product designer, and the result you get is a pair of high-end wireless speakers for iPod named Parrot by Philippe Starck Zikmu. Minimalistic in design, heavy on the wallet.

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Libratone Lounge AirPlay speaker

Libratone Lounge AirPlay speaker – the airplay soundbar

With the Libratone Lounge AirPlay soundbar the Danes have set out to change how we think about home sound systems and how we listen to our music or the sound from our television set. Find out more about Libratone Lounge here.

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Libratone Live AirPlay speaker – Danish designer speakers

Libratone Live is one of two AirPlay speakers announced by Danish high-end audio manufacturer Libratone, due to be released in September. Same design as the previous Beat but with several improvements. Find out more here.

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Geneva Sound Model S DAB

Geneva Sound Model S DAB – Style with that little extra

The Geneva Sound Model S DAB is the latest from the high-end Swiss audio manufacturer to tempt iPod and iPhone owners to upgrade their speaker docks. It is slick, stylish, and a visual treat to look at. Find out more here.

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Beats by Dr.Dre Beatbox

Beats by Dr.Dre Beatbox speaker dock: power and sound

Combine the knowledge and music expertise of Monster with Beats and Dr.Dre and the result becomes a powerful Beatbox speaker dock – just what the doctor ordered for tonight’s party. Find out more here.

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Monster ClarityHD Model One bookshelf speakers

Monster ClarityHD Model One monitor bookshelf speakers – coming soon

The Monster ClarityHD Model One monitor bookshelf speakers are coming to bring you high definition sound in a small bookshelf package from the same people that have brought us a variety of high-end audio accessories. Read more about it here.

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