B&O BeoLit 15 premium portable bluetooth speaker

B&O Beolit 15 Preview: The portable bluetooth powerhouse speaker

You can tell that bluetooth audio has come a long way when high end audio brand like B&O starts embracing it, first with the BeoPlay A2 speaker, and now with the new BeoLit 15, the next generation of the iconic portable wireless speaker featuring stand out design and packed with premium audio components.

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B&O BeoPlay A2 portable bluetooth speaker

B&O launches BeoPlay A2 bluetooth portable speaker with 24 hour battery time

You know that Bluetooth audio has come a long way when serious audio manufacturers like Bang & Olufsen decides to launch their first ever bluetooth speaker in the BeoPlay A2 – a stylish and portable speaker true to their Danish heritage.

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Elipson Timber bluetooth speaker

Elipson Timber wireless speaker – a Habitat collaboration

Beautiful things, like the Elipson Timber wireless speaker, happen when you combine top French audio with the design inspiration of Habitat. The Elipson Timber caught a few eyes when it was presented at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

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Tangent Classic wireless speaker

Tangent Classic BT wireless bluetooth speaker – style and design

Every now and then you come across speakers that just catches your eye and attention, and the Tangent Classic wireless speaker is one of those with its nontraditional design.

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Scandyna SmallPod Air speaker

Scandyna adds AirPlay to iconic SmallPod speakers with new SmallPod Air

The iconic Scandyna Podspeakers have been around for a while now, including Apt-X Bluetooth model, but now the company has announced the new SmallPod Air featuring AirPlay streaming to hit markets in the coming months.

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Wren V5AP AIrplay speaker

Wren AirPlay speaker – a stylish new alternative

Pop a year back in time and AirPlay speakers where few and far between, or at least it felt like it. This year has been different, with several new and interesting systems popping up, such as the Wren V5AP AirPlay speaker from Wren Sound Systems.

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Klipsch brings out custom grills for Gallery G-17 AirPlay speaker

Klipsch is now allowing you to customize your Gallery G-17 AirPlay speaker with designed magnetic customized grille covers as they are trying to further make their first AirPlay speaker stand out in the market, and hopefully adding to its already impressive accolades.

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Two new iPhone 5 concepts that look great but are likely off the mark

Creative talents around the globe are creating iPhone 5 concepts, including these two that look great but are likely a bit too much off the mark to become reality, as both have features that Apple would be unlikely to implement for iPhone 5. See the concepts inside.

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HiddenRadio bluetooth speaker - beautiful and functional design

HiddenRadio – the bluetooth speaker that even Steve Jobs would be proud of

HiddenRadio Bluetooth Speaker is brewing up a bit of a funding storm over at Kickstarter these days, proving that genius design and simplistic functionality leads to success. It is like a chapter out of the Apple product development book.

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Hot off the iPhone 5 rumor mill: two models and production delays

iPhone 5 is rumored to be facing production problems with the new design, whilst the low-end iPhone 4s is on schedule and rumored to become a hot selling property when released. Welcome to another week in the iPhone 5 rumor mill.

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Tree Stump speakers with nature inspired design

World of unusual design: The tree stump speakers

Looking for unusual design led accessories for your Apple device? These concept speakers from Thomas Laenner are unusual in design, inspired by natures tree stumps, featuring 4-inch speakers in each branch. Find out more here.

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iPhone 5 design mock ups (macrumors)

iPhone 5 design features – what it could be

Based on rumored information about the iPhone 5 this mock up commissioned by Macrumors could be the closest we have seen so far to the real iPhone 5 deal, incorporating a larger screen, wider home button, and back to aluminum back.

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Leaked case design hints at larger screen iPhone 5

Leaked iPhone 5 case designs out of China hints at some big design changes to iPhone 5, including larger 4-inch screen and possible gesture based home button amongst other things. See the designs and find out more here.

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iPad 3 delayed, but iPhone 5 on schedule for week 2 in September

Chinese sources claim the iPhone 5 is set for a release date in 2nd week of September with initial orders at 4 million units, whilst the rumored iPad 3 will be delayed until after Thanksgiving due to component shortage. Find out more here.

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Is this the iPhone 5 and will it be out in August? Those are the rumors

The iPhone 5 is once again the center of latest Apple rumors as BGR reports that it will have a radical new design (see image in post) and that it might be out in the market as early as end of August this year. Find out more here.

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September iPhone 5 dual core A5 processor and 8MP camera

Analysts close to Apple supply chain are reporting that iPhone 5 is likely for september and to feature A5 processor and 8-megapixel camera, but no radical changes to design compared to the current iPhone 4. Read more about this here.

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Yes to larger 3D screen iPod Touch – consumer poll result

Our iPod Touch 5 poll results indicate that consumers want glasses free 3D screen and multicolored iPhone form factor from the next iPod Touch 5th generation. While rumors of smaller screen iPad still exists, consumers seem to prefer the current iPod Touch.

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Children with iPods are targets for criminals

According to research conducted by the Design Council, one in eight children between the ages of 11 and 16 has been the victim of theft of electrical gadgets, such as… Read more »

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