New Libratone Loop wireless speaker

Libratone Loop Review – wireless audio come full circle

Despite its minor flaws, I can’t help but love the Libratone Loop. For me it delivers in heaps where it matters the most; design and audio performance. The Loop looks great and sounds great, making up for the relatively high price tag compared to some of the more mainstream wireless speakers out there.

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Elipson Timber bluetooth speaker

Elipson Timber wireless speaker – a Habitat collaboration

Beautiful things, like the Elipson Timber wireless speaker, happen when you combine top French audio with the design inspiration of Habitat. The Elipson Timber caught a few eyes when it was presented at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

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Tangent Classic wireless speaker

Tangent Classic BT wireless bluetooth speaker – style and design

Every now and then you come across speakers that just catches your eye and attention, and the Tangent Classic wireless speaker is one of those with its nontraditional design.

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eleMount premium iPhone stand

eleMount premium mount / stand for your iPhone or iPad

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I cringe when I have to place my phone into one of those standard plastic car smartphone mounts that just feels over-sized and not very good looking. To the rescue comes the eleMount premium iPhone and iPad stand, a successful Kickstarter project.

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TubeCore Duo media streamer speaker

TubeCore Duo brings classy handmade design and more to media streaming

It is coming across projects like the TubeCore Duo that makes Kickstarter interesting, as this fully funded combination of bluetooth speaker and media streamer (embedded Raspberry Pi running XBMC), enclosed in a handmade wooden casing with vacuum tube pre-amp is already screaming out for a place in my living room.

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Parrot Zik wireless headphones with NFC

Parrot Zik Philippe Starck Wireless Headphones with NFC

While the wireless headphone market still got some way to go before becoming the mainstream option, developments such as these Zik by Starck headphones from Parrot are going a long way to give wireless headphones a better reputation in the market.

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Unmonday Airplay speaker Kickstarter project

Unmonday 4.3L AirPlay speaker seeks Kickstarter funding

Unmonday are amongst the latest to seek funding for Airplay speaker on Kick starter, and I have to say I like their 4.3L hexagon speaker concept. More inside.

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B&O BeoPlay A9 airplay speaker

B&O BeoPlay A9 – a dish of an AirPlay speaker

B&O BeoPlay A9 is the latest AirPlay speaker from the Danish high-end audio company, a system that is guaranteed to turn a head or two with its unique design as well as an audio set up that sounds very promising.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A8 Airplay speaker dock

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A8 – their second AirPlay speaker dock

As part of their new PLAY brand Bang & Olufsen are bringing out their second AirPlay speaker in the BeoPlay A8, an upgrade of the iconic design of the B&O BeoSound 8 speaker dock that was released well over a year ago. Find out more inside.

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Parrot by Philippe Starck Zikmu wireless speakers

Parrot by Philippe Starck Zikmu wireless speakers: for the design conscious

Put together a wireless speaker specialist and a famous product designer, and the result you get is a pair of high-end wireless speakers for iPod named Parrot by Philippe Starck Zikmu. Minimalistic in design, heavy on the wallet.

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Philips Fidelio Soundsphere DS9800W/10 AirPlay speaker

Philips have joined the Apple Airplay speaker race with their brand new Fidelio SoundSphere speakers aimed at the audiophile who is looking for quality airplay solutions. Featuring two speaker units, both with free flowing tweeter protruding from the top…

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