KitSound Air Radio

Review: KitSound Air Audio DAB/FM/Bluetooth Radio Speaker

Picking a compact wireless speaker with both DAB and FM radio these days is not easy, as there’s plenty to choose from. A new one throwing its hat in the ring is the KitSound Air Audio DAB/FM/Bluetooth Radio Speaker, a serious contender with its affordable price point, sleek looks, and good performance.

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Sony XDR-DS16iP lightning alarm speaker dock

Sony XDR-DS16iP Lightning alarm speaker dock – first impression

The Sony XDR-DS16iP is among their first lightning enabled speaker alarm docks, and they haven’t spared when it comes to features either, giving iPhone 5 and other lightning enabled device owners an multi-talented alarm dock.

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Onkyo CS-255DAB mini hifi

Onkyo announces CS-255DAB mini HiFi system with Lightning dock

Onkyo is jumping on the Lightning connector wave with a brand new mini hifi system in the Onkyo CS-255DAB, sporting a lightning dock as well as USB input to support older iDevice models, as well as any other USB enabled media device.

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Geneva Sound Model S Wireless bluetooth speaker

Geneva Sound announces new Model S Wireless DAB+

Geneva Labs have for years delivered us some of best speaker docks we have tried, and now they have announced a new wireless version of their popular Geneva Model S speaker, stripping it of the physical docking station and focusing on bluetooth streaming, and DAB+ for UK customers.

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Panasonic SC-HC28 micro lightning dock system

Panasonic SC-HC28 Lightning speaker dock

The smallest of the new Panasonic SC-HC series, the SC-HC28 does not have wireless capabilities like the bigger models (SC-HC58 / SC-HC38), but it does come with a Lightning dock supporting iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, as well as USB connection

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Panasonic NE5 wireless speaker with lightning dock

Panasonic SC-NE5 wireless speaker with AirPlay and Lightning Dock

The Panasonic SC-NE5 is one of the top models in a range of new speakers announced by Panasonic at CES 2013. Offering up both AirPlay, Bluetooth and DLNA support, this model also comes with a Lightning Dock.

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Pure Contour 100Di speaker dock with DAB

The Pure Contour 100Di is the latest DAB enabled speaker dock from world renowned DAB speaker solution provider Pure, and this time they have added the ability to dock your iPad as well as lowered the price. Find out more here.

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Pure Avanti Flow DAB digital sound system

Pure Avanti Flow DAB/DAB+ table-top speaker dock: a topseller

Table-top systems are growing in popularity and the Pure Avanti Flow is an award winning topselling digital DAB/DAB+ internet enabled sound system with a built in docking station and the ability to stream audio. Find out more.

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Revo AXiS DAB internet radio speaker dock

Revo AXiS DAB and internet radio speaker dock – a category leader

Few table-top speaker docks comes as feature packed as the Revo AXiS that can boast DAB/DAB+, internet radio, audio streaming,, and a touchscreen control built into the front for a great and easy to use interface.

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Sony CMT-G2BNiP micro HiFi with AirPlay streaming

Sony CMT-G2BNiP: Sony joins the AirPlay speaker market

With the Sony CMT-G2BNiP Micro HiFi AirPlay system Sony becomes the latest manufacturer to join a growing range of Apple AirPlay compatible sound systems, and they have also added in some other nice features. Find out more here.

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Geneva Sound Model S DAB

Geneva Sound Model S DAB – Style with that little extra

The Geneva Sound Model S DAB is the latest from the high-end Swiss audio manufacturer to tempt iPod and iPhone owners to upgrade their speaker docks. It is slick, stylish, and a visual treat to look at. Find out more here.

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Teac SR-80iDAB Mini AURB

Teac SR-80iDAB Mini AURB: smaller size and more options

When Teac first launched the original AURB speaker dock it quickly received some much deserved attention, and based on first impression i think the new DAB version will get the… Read more »

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Philips DCB293/05

Philips DCB293/05 Micro HiFi System with DAB and iPod dock

You can always trust Philips to deliver a stylish system, and the Philips DCB293/05 Mini HiFi with DAB and docking station is no exception, giving you a wall-mountable solution with motorized cd front door and retractable iPod/iPhone dock.

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sony XDRDS12IP DAB speaker dock

Sony XDRDS12IP speaker dock with DAB & alarm clock

The Sony XDRDS12IP speaker dock is among the bestselling DAB and alarm clock speaker docks in the market and a customer favourite at Amazon UK, representing good value for money for use in the bedroom or kitchen.

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Marantz CR603 AirPlay Mini HiFi

Marantz Melody Media M-CR603 network music system

Stylish and powerful are just two of the superlatives that can be used about the Marantz M-CR603 that with a simple (but not free) upgrade becomes AirPlay friendly, allowing you to stream your music freely from your iOS device.

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Roberts MP53 CD/DAB/FM speaker dock

With the Sound MP53 Roberts have created a true all-in-one system featuring not only DAB/FM but also CD/SD/USB and iPod dock. This is a very good solution for use at home.

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Vita Audio r2i

Ruark Audio r2i speaker dock: Beauty and sound

Ruark Audio has delivered another stylish tabletop speakers system for the home with their r2i DAB enabled speaker dock. There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the coolest, retro-style systems in its price class.

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Ruark Audio R4i Review: Powerful all-in-one iPod DAB radio dock

The Ruark Audio R4i is a classy all-in-one iPod speaker dock with CD slot, DAB radio, and a 80W powerful amplifier, all packed in a beautiful retro like design that will feel at home on your bookshelf or stereo unit. Read full review here.

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Sony CMTLX40i DAB speaker dock

Sony CMTLX40I DAB Micro System Review

iPhone docks with DAB radio is increasing in popularity, and this one from Sony is among the better ones in the market at the moment. The Sony CMTLX40I is more than just a DAB radio with iPhone dock though, as it also features a cd player for that old school cd collection.

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Roberst iDream CRD42 DAB speaker dock

Roberts iDream CRD42 DAB/FM Stereo

If you are looking to buy a digital stereo alarm clock with iPod/iPhone dock these days you might also want to ensure that it features DAB/FM radio, which this unit… Read more »

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