Azatom iPunch 2 speaker dock

Azatom launches new iPunch 2 speaker with lightning dock

We have been fans of the rather unknown british audio brand Azatom for a while, and have had the pleasure to test out a wide range of their speakers, including the original Azatom iPunch. With the new iPunch 2 they have given the customer favourite an upgrade, as it now supports both Lightning and 30-pin docking as well as Bluetooth streaming.

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Azatom Droid Bluetooth portable speaker

Azatom Droid Review – Bluetooth 4.0 portable speaker with a surprising punch

The Azatom Droid has set out to prove that great things come in small packages, and when it comes to audio performance and punch-per-pound, the Droid delivers. You will struggle to find similar performance at this price range, so make sure you check out the full review inside.

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Azatom iFlute portable speaker dock

Azatom iFlute portable docking station – budget friendly

Azatom has over the years emerged as a customer favourite amongst Amazon shoppers, featuring heavily on the bestseller lists for speaker docks. Amongst these favourites is the Azatom iFlute, a small and portable speaker dock at a very affordable price.

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Gear 4 Streetparty 5 with lightning dock

Gear 4 joins Lightning speaker dock market with StreetParty 5

As one of the leaders in the speaker dock market Gear 4 has announced their first speaker dock for the new Apple Lightning connector in the StreetParty 5, a small and portable Lightning speaker dock with an easy-on-the-pocket price point.

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Gear4 HouseParty 4-Evo app enhanced speaker dock

Gear4 HouseParty 4-Evo speaker dock [review]

The Gear 4 HouseParty 4-Evo speaker dock is a decent budget level solution with good power, quality build, app enhancement, but with an audio performance that overall feels a bit flat. This is more a system for the teenage bedroom than the living room.

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Philips Fidelio DS3020 takes control of the budget speaker dock market

Philips have delivered some real quality high-end speaker docks over the recent year, but with the With the Philips Fidelio DS3020/05 portable speaker dock they have proved that they can also deliver a top budget solution.

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Azatom iPunch speaker dock review

Azatom iPunch is the first iPod speaker dock from this new brand in the UK, and it is a strong entry into the low cost speaker dock market and a good system to consider if your budget is below £50. Read full review inside.

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4Cool Micro HiFi 2399 Twist speaker dock

4Cool Twist speaker dock for iPod review: value for money

The 4Cool Micro HiFi 2399 speaker dock with twisting dock supporting portrait and landscape docking has a decent punch and performance for its price class, making it a good value for money purchase. Find out more here.

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4COOL 2398 Micro portable speaker dock: affordable and portable

There is big demand for small, budget friendly, portable speaker docks for the growing base of iPod owners out there, and the 4COOL 2398 Micro speaker dock delivers a level above its price class. Find out more here.

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Gear4 Houseparty 5 iPod and iPhone speaker dock

Gear4 HouseParty 5 iPod & iPhone speaker dock

The Gear4 HouseParty 5 is a decent entry-level home speaker dock representing good value for money in terms of power, but it is not a system i would recommend for anyone looking for a nice and stylish speaker dock with high-quality sound.

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Sony SRS GU10IP iPod & iPhone speaker dock [review]

The Sony SRS-GU10IP is a consumer favourite on Amazon UK, much thanks to affordability and power with 20W max ouput from a fairly small and compact speaker dock. Find out more about the Sony SRS-GU10IP here.

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Vestalife Ladybug II speaker dock

The Vestalife Ladybug II has gotten a bit bigger and a bit better while maintaining the design that has made it so popular in the speaker dock market and amongst the younger generation iPod and iPhone owners.

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Philips DC315/05 speaker dock

Philips DC315/05 iPhone docking station review

Like the other iPhone docking stations and sound systems from Philips, the DC315/05 both looks the part and sounds the part. A perfect little companion to charge and listen to your iPhone or iPod in the bedroom or the kitchen. Read more here.

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Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus – omnidirectional sound

The Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus iPod and iPhone compatible speaker dock is one of the most popular units in its price class, much thanks to its superb value for money and associated sound experience. Find out more about the Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus here.

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Philips DS3000/05 Fidelio iPod docking station

The Philips DS3000/05 Fidelio iPod and iPhone speaker dock is stylish in design and delivers a good quality sound for its class and price. It feels a bit like a very compact version of the high-end DS9000 Fidelio, one of the leaders in the docking station market. Full review here.

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XMI-X Mini II portable speaker review – a little ball of sound

Meet the XMI-X-Mini II portable speaker that is taking the world by storm. A little ball of impressive sound that has become one of the hottest mobile accessories around. And at the low price of around £15 you can’t really go wrong. Find out more about XMI-X-Mini-II here.

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VOIX portable iPod docking station with FM radio and Dual Alarm

VOIX portable iPod speaker dock with FM radio and Dual Alarm is a decent system for its price class, but fails to really stand out from the crowd with a standard speaker dock design. Sound experience is however above average for its class.

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Altec Lansing M102 Mini

Altec Lansing M102 Octiv Mini – minimalistic

With the Altec Octiv Mini M102 iPod and iPhone speaker docking station Altec Lansing has gone minimalistic and low priced. It might look boxy but don’t be fooled by first impressions, and there are some pleasent surprises that comes with it. Find out more here.

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iHome iP90 alarm speaker dock

iHome iP90 – classic iPod/iPhone clock radio

The iHome iP90 is the next generation iPod and iPhone compatible clock radios. With the iHome iP90 this well known and leading brand have made it more curvy and improved the display, while still keeping that retro-modern look that has made them famous.

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Gear4 SoundOrb

GEAR4 SoundOrb Review: Chameleon speaker dock

GEAR4 SoundOrb Aurora is another quality iPod docking station and sound system from GEAR4, this time bringing an external subwoofer and some fancy light effects to make this unit stand out from the crowded iPod sound system market. Full review here.

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