Geneva Sound Aerosphere speakers

Geneva Sound Aerosphere: Multi Room Multi Source Wireless Sound

Geneva Sound has delivered some of the best compact box speaker docks on the market, including wireless versions. With their latest invention; the Geneva Sound Aerosphere, the company has changed up the design and created a modular wireless multi-room system that supports most devices.

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B&O BeoLit 15 premium portable bluetooth speaker

B&O Beolit 15 Preview: The portable bluetooth powerhouse speaker

You can tell that bluetooth audio has come a long way when high end audio brand like B&O starts embracing it, first with the BeoPlay A2 speaker, and now with the new BeoLit 15, the next generation of the iconic portable wireless speaker featuring stand out design and packed with premium audio components.

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My Doodles Kids Monkey dock

My Doodles Monkey Kids Dock Review

The My Doodles Kids Dock feels like a nice and kids friendly product that not only will provide a safer storage solution for kids to leave their tablets on, but also provide them with a better audio experience while playing music or watching their favourite shows on their tablets.

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Bowers & Wilkins T7 Bluetooth speaker

B&W T7 is their first portable bluetooth speaker

For many HiFi fans, and companies, bluetooth used to be a curse word, but how times have changed. Bluetooth streaming quality has improved and increasingly mobile customers have both high demands for audio quality and ease of use, and that is where renowned audio manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins are hoping the B&W T7 will become the go to solution.

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House of Marley Liberate XL Headphone Review

At just under £165 you will struggle to find better looking and performing wireless headphones than the House of Marley Liberate XL. Good and powerful sound combined with quality build and comfort is a winning recipe. See full review inside.

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B&O BeoPlay A2 portable bluetooth speaker

B&O launches BeoPlay A2 bluetooth portable speaker with 24 hour battery time

You know that Bluetooth audio has come a long way when serious audio manufacturers like Bang & Olufsen decides to launch their first ever bluetooth speaker in the BeoPlay A2 – a stylish and portable speaker true to their Danish heritage.

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Libratone Diva soundbar

Libratone Diva – the new woolly soundbar looking to change the soundbar market

The Danish audio manufacturer Libratone, known for their woolly wireless AirPlay speakers, have announced the October arrival of their latest product, the Libratone Diva; a soundbar that we are hoping will live up to its name when it comes to sound.

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i-box Max bluetooth speaker

i-box Max Review: Portable and Powerful

Overall the i-box Max comes across as a well built portable bluetooth speaker with a clear and powerful sound, making it a good option to consider if you are after a speaker that can be used both at home as well as out and about.

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Dream Audio Dream One speaker

AirPlay speakers to look out for in 2014? How about Dream Audio Dream One

There’s already some great AirPlay speakers in the market, but that does not mean there’s no room for more quality speakers. Wireless speakers was once again a hot ticket at CES 2014 in early January, although more bluetooth based ones than AirPlay speakers. But one AirPlay speaker to look out for in 2014 is the multi-functional Dream Audio Dream One.

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Sony SRS-X9 high res audio wireless speaker

Sony SRS-X9 wireless speaker handles Bluetooth, AirPlay and High Res audio – CES 2014

Sony is aiming wide with their latest wireless speaker at CES 2014. as the Sony SRS-X9 supports most wireless streaming options, including high-res audio, AirPlay, Bluetooth, AptX and DLNA. Could this be the jack of all trades wireless speaker?

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Beats by Dr.Dre Pill 2.0 speaker

Beats by Dre Pill 2.0 speaker – new and improved

Beats by Dr.Dre has enjoyed success with their first Pill speaker, so with the improvements that can be found in the new and improved second generation of their smallest wireless speaker, we expect it to soar. Meet the Beats by Dre Pill 2.0 bluetooth speaker.

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Bayan Audio Soundbook X3

Bayan Audio releases big brother Soundbook X3 with CD quality streaming

Bayan Audio today announced the imminent arrival of their latest wireless speaker, the Bayan Audio Soundbook X3, which is said to deliver CD quality audio over bluetooth using the latest aptX audio codecs and TDMA noise rejection, hoping to convince late Christmas shoppers to add one final present under the tree.

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Geneva Sound Model M wireless

Geneva Lab goes wireless for Model M, L, and XL speakers

I’m a fan of Geneva Labs speaker docks, but let’s face it, these days it’s all about wireless speakers, and it looks like the guys at Geneva Labs have picked up on that too, announcing wireless versions of their popular Model M, L, and XL speakers.

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QuarterWave audiophile bluetooth aptX speaker

A unique Bluetooth speaker and a clever portable stand looking for Kickstarter love

It’s amazing what one can come across of interesting projects when surfing Kickstarter, or when people looking for funding gets in touch to get their projects promoted. This week I’m taking a closer look at two gadget related projects that should speak to Apple fans out there; the Quarterwave bluetooth speaker and the Standie tiny portable phone / tablet stand.

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Tangent Classic wireless speaker

IFA 2013 goes nuts for wireless speakers

We have seen it for a while now, how wireless speakers have become the must have accessory for the smartphone/tablet market. And as the the who’s who of technology companies descended on Berlin for IFA 2013, a range of new wireless speaker options were presented to the public for the first time, teasing our curiosity ahead of the most important retail period of the year.

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SMS Audio Sync by 50 wireless speaker

SMS Audio Sync by 50 wireless speaker – first impression

There is nothing quite like having a international superstar backing your gadgets these days, and 50 Cent seems to take his role and involvement with SMS Audio very seriously as the company has just launched their first ever portable wireless speaker in the Sync by 50 Bluetooth 4.0 aptX speaker.

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Sync by 50 wireless bluetooth aptX speaker

SMS Audio adds new Sync by 50 wireless speaker and Street by 50 ANC headphones

Perhaps it’s the fact that a new school year is approching, but there seems to have been a flux of new/upgraded product launches recently. The latest to join the club is SMS Audio and 50 Cent with a new Sync by 50 bluetooth 4.0 speaker and a new Street by 50 ANC (active noise cancellation) over-ear headphone.

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Klipsch Image One Bluetooth on-ear headphones

Klipsch Image One Bluetooth headphones

Klipsch has for long been a popular choice amongst iDevice owners for both their high-end earphones and their now legendary Klipsch Image One headphones. With wireless becoming a growing category, they have now taken the step into that market with a Bluetooth version of their Image One headphones.

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Braven 650 portable bluetooth aptx speaker

Braven 650 portable bluetooth speaker with AptX audio enhancement

Braven has made a name for themselves in the portable bluetooth speaker market, thanks to delivering high quality products with good audio performance. The new Braven 650 looks to continue that trend, offering up a high quality compact finish and Bluetooth with AptX support for a better audio stream quality.

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Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 wireless speaker

Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 wireless speaker

The smaller of the two models in the new Cambridge Audio Minx Air wireless speaker range, the 100 model still comes with both AirPlay and Bluetooth (AptX) streaming support, playing nicely with both iOS and Android devices.

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