Denon Envaya bluetooth aptX speaker

Denon Envaya joins the portable bluetooth speaker race with bluetooth aptX

With the Envaya portable bluetooth aptX speaker Denon has taking their audio expertise out of the home and into the portable wireless speaker market, hopefully bringing some much needed high quality audio competition to an otherwise very crowded marketplace.

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i-box Max bluetooth speaker

i-box Max Review: Portable and Powerful

Overall the i-box Max comes across as a well built portable bluetooth speaker with a clear and powerful sound, making it a good option to consider if you are after a speaker that can be used both at home as well as out and about.

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Beats by Dr.Dre Pill 2.0 speaker

Beats by Dre Pill 2.0 speaker – new and improved

Beats by Dr.Dre has enjoyed success with their first Pill speaker, so with the improvements that can be found in the new and improved second generation of their smallest wireless speaker, we expect it to soar. Meet the Beats by Dre Pill 2.0 bluetooth speaker.

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Klipsch GiG portable wireless speaker

Klipsch GiG portable bluetooth speaker – first impression

Klipsch have delivered some great products over the years, including some legendary in-ear headphones well known amongst Apple gadget owners. With their latest product, the Klipsch GiG, they are looking to challenge the leaders in the portable bluetooth speaker market.

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Philips Fidelio Soundtowers

Philips Fidelio Sound Towers

Philips continues to grow their Fidelio range of speakers with new stylish additions, and amongst the new additions this year is the Fidelio SoundTowers, offering up both 30-pin and Lightning docking as well as Bluetooth aptX streaming.

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Avantree Saturn bluetooth receiver and transmitter

Avantree Saturn Bluetooth aptX audio adapter

The Avantree Saturn is both a bluetooth transmitter and receiver (2-1), but the most interesting part is the inclusion of aptX, which is increasingly found as an option with media players of the non-Apple kind.

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NAD Viso 1 AP AirPlay and Bluetooth Apt-X speaker

NAD Viso 1AP – All wireless with AirPlay and Bluetooth Apt-X

NAD delivered a great speaker dock in the Viso 1. Now they have listened carefully to their customers, ditched the docking station, and replaced it with AirPlay streaming as well as Bluetooth Apt-X in the Viso 1 AP (also found on the original).

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Klipsch Music Center KMC3 bluetooth Apt-X speaker

Klipsch KMC 3 wireless speaker with Apt-X launches in UK

Klipsch are globally known for their quality speakers and headphones, and one of their latest additions, the Klipsch KMC 3 bluetooth speaker with Apt-X, is looking to continue that legacy.

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Supertooth Disco 2 bluetooth speaker

SuperTooth Disco 2 stereo bluetooth speaker – first impression

The SuperTooth Disco 2 builds further on the popularity of its predecessor, bringing portable bluetooth streaming with Apt-X support in a non-traditional design with a small footprint.

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Samsung DA-E670 tabletop wireless speaker

Samsung DA-E670 tabletop wireless speaker – first impression

For those on the look out or a stylish tabletop wireless speaker solution, the Samsung DA-E670 could be well worth a second look with all of its wireless streaming and docking options.

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Damson Oyster bluetooth speaker

Damson Oyster bluetooth speaker with aptX – review

Yorkshire based Damson Audio have created a good portable speaker in the Oyster, proving that there is a growing industry of quality UK based audio devices in this genre. Sound performance is always a case of personal preference, and although the Damson Oyster delivers an overall good sound, I found it to have some minor issues.

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Bayan Soundbook portable bluetooth speaker

Bayan Soundbook Review – A great portable bluetooth speaker

There is no time like the present if you are in the market for a portable bluetooth speaker, as there are some great choices out there. The Bayan Audio Soundbook is amongst the better options in the market, offering up impressive audio performance in a small, portable, and stylish package.

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Loewe speaker 2go portable bluetooth speaker

Loewe Speaker 2Go review – plenty of power and style

The Loewe Speaker 2Go is aiming for the high-end of the portable bluetooth speaker market, and it is doing so in style and with a punch. The combination of quality build and a strong, well balanced sound, could mean that they are on to a winner in their sector of the market.

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Klipsch Image One Bluetooth on-ear headphones

Klipsch Image One Bluetooth headphones

Klipsch has for long been a popular choice amongst iDevice owners for both their high-end earphones and their now legendary Klipsch Image One headphones. With wireless becoming a growing category, they have now taken the step into that market with a Bluetooth version of their Image One headphones.

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Braven 650 portable bluetooth aptx speaker

Braven 650 portable bluetooth speaker with AptX audio enhancement

Braven has made a name for themselves in the portable bluetooth speaker market, thanks to delivering high quality products with good audio performance. The new Braven 650 looks to continue that trend, offering up a high quality compact finish and Bluetooth with AptX support for a better audio stream quality.

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Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 wireless speaker

Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 wireless speaker

The smaller of the two models in the new Cambridge Audio Minx Air wireless speaker range, the 100 model still comes with both AirPlay and Bluetooth (AptX) streaming support, playing nicely with both iOS and Android devices.

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cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 wireless speaker

Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 wireless speaker

The top model in the new Cambridge Audio Minx Air wireless speaker range, the 200 model features both AirPlay and Bluetooth (AptX) streaming support, playing nicely with more than just iDevices.

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Klipsch Music Center KMC3 bluetooth Apt-X speaker

Klipsch brings new wireless speaker and update on Stadium AirPlay speaker

It has been about a year since Klipsch first started teasing their new Stadium AirPlay speaker, but recently at CES 2013 it was revealed that the wireless speaker is finally ready for retail in the next couple of months, together with amongst other a new bluetooth speaker in the Klipsch KMC3.

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Polk Audio Woodbourne Airplay and Bluetooth AptX speaker

Polk Audio announces Woodbourne speaker with AirPlay and Bluetooth AptX

Polk Audio might not be a household name in the speaker dock market, but with their recent announcement of the Polk Audio Woodbourne AirPlay and Bluetooth AptX speaker they might just make a few waves.

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Beats by Dre Pill wireless speaker

Beats by Dre Pill bluetooth speaker – just what the doctor ordered!

Beats by Dre has announced the arrival of a new Beats Pill portable bluetooth AptX speaker, promising a higher quality audio stream in a ultra portable setting – just what the doctor ordered!

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