Microsoft Office Word for iPad

Microsoft Office arrived on iPad today

It might have been on the cards for a while now, but today new Microsoft boss Satya Nadella announced the immediate release of the Microsoft Office suite for iPad, possibly starting a new era for Microsoft as an application provider across devices.

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Google Play Music iOS App download

Google Play Music official iOS app arrives

The official Google Play Music app for iOS devices have finally arrived on the iTunes App Store, giving iOS users access to their Google stored music library, which offers up to 20,000 songs stored for free with your Google account. Find out more inside.

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App Store turning 5

Popular apps go free this week as App Store celebrates 5th anniversary

The App Store has become one of the big success stories in Apple’s history, and with the 5th Anniversary just around the corner, Apple has launched a celebratory section in the App Store, which amongst other features some great app titles for free.

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Countdown to 50 billion app downloads

App Store close to 50 billion downloads

Apple is about to take the App Store to a massive new milestone as it is quickly approaching 50 billion downloaded apps, a milestone that should be reached in the next day or two, currently sitting at 49 billion 911 million and counting.

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Apple approaching 25 billion app downloads, promising US $10,000 gift card for winner

The App Store is quickly approaching 25 billion downloaded apps with promises of great gifts

Apple has started the countdown towards 25 billion downloaded iOS apps by promising a US $10,000 App Store gift card to the person that downloads app number 25 billion. Find out more inside, including a chart showcasing App download growth rate over time since the App Store launched in July 2008.

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Pizza Express app for paying restaurant bill

Pizza Express App: Pay your restaurant bill with PayPal from your iPhone

Forget about waiters being slow taking payment on your restaurant bill. Do it yourself with the new Pizza Express app for iPhone, which allows you to settle your bill using the app and PayPal integration. Find out more here.

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The Heist app

App of the Week: The Heist dethroning Angry Birds

Combine challenging and fun puzzles with a prize at the end, add some clever marketing, and you have the latest paid app topseller The Heist; the game that has dethroned Angry Birds from the topseller list the last few days.

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