Azatom Home Hub Lightning dock

Azatom Home Hub Lightning speaker dock – first impression

Azatom has carved out a strong position for itself in the UK market, delivering speaker docks that offer great value for money. The latest addition to their portfolio is the Azatom Home Hub, their first speaker with Lightning dock, supporting the latest iPhone, iPad, iPods, and iPad Mini.

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KItSound Fresh lightning alarm dock

Kitsound with new Fresh clock radio dock supporting Lightning connector devices

Kitsound have announced the release of their latest alarm clock dock in the KS Fresh with Lightning dock, a modern alarm clock dock with a 80s hi-fi system style, including an ejecting Lightning dock drawer that mimics the old tape players of the 80s.

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Sony XDR-DS16iP lightning alarm speaker dock

Sony XDR-DS16iP Lightning alarm speaker dock – first impression

The Sony XDR-DS16iP is among their first lightning enabled speaker alarm docks, and they haven’t spared when it comes to features either, giving iPhone 5 and other lightning enabled device owners an multi-talented alarm dock.

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Kitsound XDOCK2 alarm dock with lightning connector

Kitsound XDOCK2 alarm dock with lightning connector – first impression

The Kitsound XDOCK2 is one of the first alarm docks with lightning connector that I have come across to date, thereby supporting docking of the iPhone 5 and the latest iPod Touch 5th generation as well.

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Gear4 new Alarmdock Halo 3 with Lightning connector

Gear4 AlarmDock Halo 3 with Lightning dock – first impression

Gear4 recently announced a new addition to their Lightning Connector enabled docking stations with the arrival of their latest Alarmdock Halo 3, offering up docking and charging of your iPhone 5 in the bedroom.

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Soundfreaq Sound Rise Lightning alarm dock

Soundfreaq Sound Rise Lightning alarm speaker dock

The bedroom table alarm clock docking stations are becoming more and more advanced, including the new Soundfreaq Sound Rise Lightning alarm speaker dock featuring the new Lightning dock for the latest iDevices, bluetooth streaming, and universal USB charging.

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iHome iDL45 alarm lightning speaker dock

iHome iDL45 Lightning enabled dual alarm clock radio

The iHome IDL45 is a new dual alarm clock Lightning dock from iHome that lets you charge, listen, and wake up to your latest iOS / iPod device, featuring a top Lightning dock, USB connection, and FM radio.

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iHome iDL100 alarm dock with lightning port

iHome iDL100 dual Lightning alarm clock radio with bluetooth

The big brother of the iDL45, the iHome iDL100 is the jack-of-all-trades alarm clock dock for your bedroom, featuring dual Lightning docks, USB connection, FM radio, and bluetooth streaming.

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Gear4 AlarmDock Halo 2 bedroom alarm speaker dock

Gear4 AlarmDock Halo 2 [review]

The Gear4 AlarmDock Halo 2 looks good, has a solid build, app enhanced through the Smartlink app, and sound is above average. Overall a good option for those looking for an alarm dock for the bedroom to help them wake up in the morning as well as charge their iOS device.

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iHome iW4 Airplay alarm clock speaker dock

iHome iW4 brings AirPlay to the bedroom

iHome has announced the release of their latest AirPlay enabled speaker dock in the iHome iW4 alarm clock speaker dock for the bedroom, one of three new alarm dock models to be featured at their CES stand next week.

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Revo AXiS DAB internet radio speaker dock

Revo AXiS DAB and internet radio speaker dock – a category leader

Few table-top speaker docks comes as feature packed as the Revo AXiS that can boast DAB/DAB+, internet radio, audio streaming,, and a touchscreen control built into the front for a great and easy to use interface.

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KitSound BoomClock alarm dock – will wake you up in the morning

It is not often that you come across an affordable bedside iPod alarm dock featuring a subwoofer, which is the case with the KitSound BoomClock alarm dock for iPod and iPhone. Find out more about this product here.

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Geneva Sound Model S DAB

Geneva Sound Model S DAB – Style with that little extra

The Geneva Sound Model S DAB is the latest from the high-end Swiss audio manufacturer to tempt iPod and iPhone owners to upgrade their speaker docks. It is slick, stylish, and a visual treat to look at. Find out more here.

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sony XDRDS12IP DAB speaker dock

Sony XDRDS12IP speaker dock with DAB & alarm clock

The Sony XDRDS12IP speaker dock is among the bestselling DAB and alarm clock speaker docks in the market and a customer favourite at Amazon UK, representing good value for money for use in the bedroom or kitchen.

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iHome iD9 iPad speaker dock

Coming soon: iHome iD9 iPad speaker dock

The iHome iD9 is the latest from iHome in iPad optimized speaker docks set to launch in the UK in the coming month (June) according to listing on Amazon UK. Find out more about the iHome iD9 here.

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Phiilps Fidelio DS1200/05 alarm speaker dock

Philips Fidelio DS1200/05 alarm speaker dock

Wake up to the sounds of a fully charged iPad in the morning with your new Philips Fidelio DS1200/05 alarm speaker dock, enhanced with its own dedicated free app that can be downloaded from the App Store.

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Vita Audio r2i

Ruark Audio r2i speaker dock: Beauty and sound

Ruark Audio has delivered another stylish tabletop speakers system for the home with their r2i DAB enabled speaker dock. There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the coolest, retro-style systems in its price class.

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iHome iA100 bluetooth speaker dock

iHome iA100 bluetooth speaker dock for iPad and iPhone

The iHome iA100 is the flagship model of bedside table alarm clock solutions featuring bluetooth streaming and a dock that supports the Apple iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod models. With app-enhanced functionality the iHome iA100 is one to consider for the bedroom.

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Teac SR-Luxi iPod dock and bedside table lamp

The Teac SR-Luxi is something as unusual as a combined speaker dock, alarm clock, and night light. With its unusual and interesting design it could become a popular gadget among iPhone and iPod owners that are looking for a multi-purpose bedside friend.

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Philips DC315/05 speaker dock

Philips DC315/05 iPhone docking station review

Like the other iPhone docking stations and sound systems from Philips, the DC315/05 both looks the part and sounds the part. A perfect little companion to charge and listen to your iPhone or iPod in the bedroom or the kitchen. Read more here.

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