Geneva Sound Aerosphere speakers

Geneva Sound Aerosphere: Multi Room Multi Source Wireless Sound

Geneva Sound has delivered some of the best compact box speaker docks on the market, including wireless versions. With their latest invention; the Geneva Sound Aerosphere, the company has changed up the design and created a modular wireless multi-room system that supports most devices.

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Libratone Diva soundbar

Libratone Diva – the new woolly soundbar looking to change the soundbar market

The Danish audio manufacturer Libratone, known for their woolly wireless AirPlay speakers, have announced the October arrival of their latest product, the Libratone Diva; a soundbar that we are hoping will live up to its name when it comes to sound.

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New Libratone Loop wireless speaker

Libratone Loop Review – wireless audio come full circle

Despite its minor flaws, I can’t help but love the Libratone Loop. For me it delivers in heaps where it matters the most; design and audio performance. The Loop looks great and sounds great, making up for the relatively high price tag compared to some of the more mainstream wireless speakers out there.

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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 black edition

The iconic B&O BeoPlay A9 proves black never goes out of fashion

In terms of Airplay speakers you will struggle to get more high-end and iconic than the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 speaker. Just like in the fashion world everyone should own a good black suit or dress, in the wireless speaker world, everyone that can afford it should have the special edition black BeoPlay A9 AirPlay speaker.

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Pioneer X-SMC55-S micro stereo with lightning dock

Pioneer X-SMC55-S slim micro sound system with lightning dock and AirPlay

Pioneer have launched their new range of slimline micro sound systems, and the top model Pioneer X-SMC55-S comes packed with plenty of audio options, including Lightning dock and AirPlay streaming.

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Pure Contour i1 Air speaker

Pure Contour i1 Air covers all bases with AirPlay, Lightning, and 30-pin dock

With the new Pure Contour i1 Air they are showing that they are going all-in for Apple customers, offering up the holy Apple trinity of AirPlay streaming, lightning dock, and 30-pin docking for those still owning ‘old school’ Apple devices.

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NAD Viso 1 AP AirPlay and Bluetooth Apt-X speaker

NAD Viso 1AP – All wireless with AirPlay and Bluetooth Apt-X

NAD delivered a great speaker dock in the Viso 1. Now they have listened carefully to their customers, ditched the docking station, and replaced it with AirPlay streaming as well as Bluetooth Apt-X in the Viso 1 AP (also found on the original).

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KEF X300A wireless desktop speaker with AirPlay and DLNA

KEF X300A wireless speakers brings high-end audio to AirPlay

While the market is crowded with speaker docks and small portable wireless speakers, sometimes you need a higher quality sound for your home, but hoping not to break the budget completely. This is where amongst other KEF X300A comes into the picture, hoping to deliver a high-end solution to audiophiles out there.

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Scandyna SmallPod Air speaker

Scandyna adds AirPlay to iconic SmallPod speakers with new SmallPod Air

The iconic Scandyna Podspeakers have been around for a while now, including Apt-X Bluetooth model, but now the company has announced the new SmallPod Air featuring AirPlay streaming to hit markets in the coming months.

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Monitor Audio ASB-2 soundbar

Monitor Audio ASB-2 enters the upscale soundbar market

The soundbar market seem to have really taken off in the recent year, with the likes of Sonos and B&W entering the market, and now Monitor Audio with their high-end soundbar ASB-2, featuring amongst other AirPlay streaming, expected to hit the UK market in September at around £1000.

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Dolry HiFi Stone 30-pin AirPlay dock adapter

Dolry HiFi Stone adapter brings AirPlay and DLNA streaming to older speaker docks – review

While most of the dock adapter market has focused on Bluetooth or 30-pin to Lightning adapters, C4 Electronics have come up with their own dock adapter that will bring both AirPlay and DLNA streaming to your existing speaker docks in the Dolry HiFi Stone. Find out more and how it compares with other solutions inside.

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LG ND5630 dual dock wireless speaker

LG ND5630 dual dock wireless speaker with AirPlay and Bluetooth – first impression

Should your budget be slightly more restricted and the required power output be a bit lower than the LG ND8630, but you would like the same connectivity options, then the LG ND5630 might be the speaker dock for you.

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New LG Lightning speaker docks CES 2013

LG ND8630 dual dock speaker with AirPlay and Bluetooth streaming

LG has gone all out with the ND8630, bringing not only dual docking capabilities for Apple Lightning devices and Android devices, but also dual streaming capabilities with both AirPlay and Bluetooth with NFC support. Plus, it looks pretty sleek as well.

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Monitor Audio AirStream S300 Airplay speaker

Monitor Audio teases upcoming AirStream S300 wireless AirPlay speaker

I first came across the Monitor Audio AirStream S300 wireless speaker during the Gadget Show as it caught my eye on the stand as I was leaving the show, and I had not heard any information about in advance. It did however catch my interest enough to put it on my list of new wireless speakers to look out for this year.

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Samsung DA-E670 tabletop wireless speaker

Samsung DA-E670 tabletop wireless speaker – first impression

For those on the look out or a stylish tabletop wireless speaker solution, the Samsung DA-E670 could be well worth a second look with all of its wireless streaming and docking options.

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Panasonic slimline airplay speaker

Panasonic SC-AP01E-K AirPlay slimline system – first impression

Sometimes space is limited and you want a wireless speaker that is both slim and stylish. Enter the Panasonic SC-AP01E-K Slimline AirPlay speaker, designed to keep a thin profile that just fits in.

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AQ Smartspeaker A2

AQ Smartspeaker A2 – crossing wireless mobile borders

The AQ Smartspeaker A2 is the second generation wireless speaker from UK audio brand, sporting all the great functionality found in the original AQ Smartspeaker A1, but without the rechargeable battery, and therefore with a reduced price point.

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Wren V5AP AIrplay speaker

Wren AirPlay speaker – a stylish new alternative

Pop a year back in time and AirPlay speakers where few and far between, or at least it felt like it. This year has been different, with several new and interesting systems popping up, such as the Wren V5AP AirPlay speaker from Wren Sound Systems.

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Ferrari by Logig3 Scuderia FS1 Air speaker dock

Ferrari by Logic3 releases AirPlay Scuderia FS1 Air wireless speaker

The Scuderia FS1 Air features the same design, offering up the black finish with the red trimming around the top of the unit and the prancing horse strategically placed at the front of the unit, clearly showing that this is a product in the Ferrari by Logic3 range.

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Pioneer XW-SMA4 wireless speaker

Pioneer XW-SMA4 wireless speaker with AirPlay and wireless direct

The Pioneer XW-SMA4 speaker features the same look as the XW-SMA3, but there are some distinct differences between the models, such as the inclusion of a 100mm subwoofer and double the power output.

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