Me and 13 million others can’t be wrong – the iPod Touch is great!

With Apple sharing their sales figures showing that they have sold 13 million units of the iPod Touch, there are more great news coming for this popular iPod that just recently was declared as the best handheld gaming solution by the popular UK program The Gadget Show. Find out what else is in store for the iPod Touch here.

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2nd generation iPod Touch released with no revolutionary upgrades

The 2nd generation iPod Touch will feature a thinner design with more similarities to the 3g iPhone, a separate volume control button on the side, a built in speaker, and software that includes the new genius playlist generation featured in the new iTunes 8.

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The official new iPod Nano and other news from the iPod conference

The new iPod Nano will get 24 hour playtime for music and 4 hours for video, and an upgrade to 8gb and 16gb memory. The new iPod Nano will also be available in 8 different colors.

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Blueprints of possible 2nd generation iPod Touch

In anticipation of news at the iPod conference 9th September, blueprints of 2nd generation iPod Touch are circulating online. You can see the blueprint here and read more about the possible new features of the upgraded iPod Touch.

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