Sync by 50 wireless headphones revealed – following in mentors footsteps

Sync by 50, the wireless headphones from 50 Cent has been on the cards for a while now, but finally it looks like they are pretty much ready for a public appearance, and to take on the mentor (Beats by Dr.Dre) in the headphone market.

Sync by 50 wireless headphones

With these new headphones 50 Cent will be following in the footsteps of not only his mentor in Dr.Dre but also a growing line of other rappers and celebrities looking to make a few bucks on the current headphone trend. Sync by 50 is different though, in that they are going wireless without compromising on audio experience, or at least that is the aim. True test will come when they are launched and ready to be tested.

TechCrunch was lucky enough to get some early photos and spec sheet for the Sync by 50 wireless headphones, which will feature a unibody casing with full on-board controls and mic (located on the earcups), 40mm drivers surrounded by memory foam cushions, a 3.5mm wireless adapter to use with your portable music player to stream the sound to the headphones, allowing up to four connections at a time through an unnamed wireless standard. Further the headphones feature professionally tuned digital EQ and 16-bit lossless digital sound, charges through MicroUSB connection, and comes with wired cable with microphone as well, something that will provide an opportunity to find out if there are audio differences between cable and wireless connection.

There is no information about release date or price yet for the Sync by 50 wireless headphones, that will be supported by another wired headset and some in-ear headphones as well. Big question is if it will make it to market before the Beats Wireless headphones from Dr.Dre and how they will compare when it comes to audio experience and looks, which lets face it, does count in this market.

What do you guys think, can Sync by 50 provide a real challenge for Beats by Dr.Dre and other established headphone brands?

I will be back with more information on the headphones from 50 Cent when they become available. In the meantime you can check out some other wireless bluetooth headphones here.


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