Would you watch live tv on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Take our survey

With more developers looking into creating iPhone and iPod Touch applications for watching live TV on your device we thought we would ask the question; would you watch live tv on your iPhone/iPod Touch if you had the opportunity, and would you pay for the service?


At the moment there are services that allows you to watch live tv on the iPhone or iPod Touch as long as they are paired up with your computer, which runs software, such as Orb, that records live tv for you to then access through Safari on your iPhone or iPod Touch to watch the programmes live on your screen.However we believe it is just a matter of time before applications are created that will allow you to watch live tv on your iPhone or iPod Touch without involving your Mac/computer and a tv recording software linked to your tv network card.

PacketVideo is one of the developers that are looking into providing live tv for iPhone/iPod Touch users, by creating an application that will allow mobile operators to provide their own tv content to the users through the application. So far one of the main limitations surrounds getting the rights to show the content.

Although having the opportunity to watch live tv on the iPhone or iPod Touch would be a nice to have, we want to raise the question of if it is a service that most people would use, and would you be willing to pay for accessing live tv on your iPhone/iPod Touch? Take our survey and share your opinion with us.


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2 Responses to "Would you watch live tv on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Take our survey"

  1. badmelvin says:

    Yes and I do: If your really into streaming tv episodes, you might find this site to be simply mind blowing- I am currently watching streams on my iPhone or desktop with unlimited access to more than 200 TV series – complete seasons (yup every episode every season!) using a site called http://3click.tv so far as long as my wifi signal is strong I have 25000 episodes in my pocket:) Works anywhere in the world.

    suck it iTunes Hula and Netflix YEAH!

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